INTP Strengths and Weaknesses

INTP Strengths

INTP strengths
  • Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers – People with the INTP personality type view the world as a big, complex machine, and recognize that as with any machine, all parts are interrelated. INTPs excel in analyzing these connections, seeing how seemingly unrelated factors tie in with each other in ways that bewilder most other personality types.
  • Imaginative and Original – These connections are the product of an unrelenting imagination – INTPs’ ideas may seem counter-intuitive at a glance, and may never even see the light of day, but they will always prove remarkable innovations.
  • Open-Minded – INTPs couldn’t make these connections if they thought they knew it all – they are highly receptive to alternate theories, so long as they’re supported by logic and facts. In more subjective matters like social norms and traditions, INTPs are usually fairly liberal, with a "none of my business" sort of attitude – peoples’ ideas are what matter.
  • Enthusiastic – When a new idea piques their interest, INTPs can be very enthusiastic – they are a reserved personality type, but if another person shares an interest, they can be downright excited about discussing it. More likely though, the only outward evidence of this enthusiasm will be INTPs’ silent pacing or their staring into the distance.
  • Objective – INTPs’ analysis, creativity and open-mindedness aren’t the tools of some quest for ideology or emotional validation. Rather, it’s as though people with the INTP personality type are a conduit for the truths around them, so far as they can be expressed, and they are proud of this role as theoretical mediator.
  • Honest and Straightforward – To know one thing and say another would be terribly disingenuous – INTPs don’t often go around intentionally hurting feelings, but they believe that the truth is the most important factor, and they expect that to be appreciated and reciprocated.

INTP Weaknesses

INTP weaknesses
  • Very Private and Withdrawn – While INTPs’ intellectualism yields many insights into their surroundings, their surroundings are ironically considered an intrusion on their thoughts. This is especially true with people – INTPs are quite shy in social settings. More complicated situations such as parties exacerbate this, but even close friends struggle to get into INTPs’ hearts and minds.
  • Insensitive – Oftentimes INTP personalities get so caught up in their logic that they forget any kind of emotional consideration – they dismiss subjectivity as irrational and tradition as an attempt to bar much-needed progress. Purely emotional situations are often utterly puzzling to INTPs, and their lack of timely sympathy can easily offend.
  • Absent-minded – When INTPs’ interest is captured, their absence goes beyond social matters to include the rest of the physical world. INTPs become forgetful, missing even the obvious if it’s unrelated to their current infatuation, and they can even forget their own health, skipping meals and sleep as they muse.
  • Condescending – Attempts at connecting with others are often worse than INTPs’ withdrawal. People with the INTP personality type take pride in their knowledge and rationale, and enjoy sharing their ideas, but in trying to explain how they got from A to B to Z, they can get frustrated, sometimes simplifying things to the point of insult as they struggle to gauge their conversation partners’ perspective. The ultimate insult comes as INTPs give up with a dismissive "never mind".
  • Loathe Rules and Guidelines – These social struggles are partly a product of INTPs’ desire to bypass the rules, of social conduct and otherwise. While this attitude helps INTPs’ strength of unconventional creativity, it also causes them to reinvent the wheel constantly and to shun security in favor of autonomy in ways that can compromise both.
  • Second-Guess Themselves – INTPs remain so open to new information that they often never commit to a decision at all. This applies to their own skills as well – INTP personalities know that as they practice, they improve, and any work they do is second-best to what they could do. Unable to settle for this, INTPs sometimes delay their output indefinitely with constant revisions, sometimes even quitting before they ever begin.
2 years ago
"Honest and Straightforward – To know one thing and say another would be terribly disingenuous – INTPs don't often go around intentionally hurting feelings, but they believe that the truth is the most important factor, and they expect that to be appreciated and reciprocated." -This is actually true. My friend usually mistook me for trying to win.
10 months ago
That's me and my brother in a nutshell.
Marc Benson
2 years ago
It is amazing it's like I'm looking at a book that describes me perfectly
[ ? ]
2 years ago
"INTPs sometimes delay their output indefinitely with constant revisions, sometimes even quitting before they ever begin." True, but it also stops a lot of failed ideas before they begin as well. Realizing the potential flaws in anything is a very important thing to do before dedicating time to pursuing it.
2 years ago
But it can let you to not trust your ideas after a while. Always thinking that you have made mistakes , and so not pursuing your ideas.
1 month ago
INTPs are often prefectionists, which makes being assertive nice, as it reduces the amount of self doubt
2 years ago
I thought that when I took this test that it would be just like a few things about me, but no, it explained every single thing about myself that is different. It made me feel better about myself. At least there are two other people in a crowd of 100 that think like me.
3 years ago
i find it very hard to interact with people. It has gotten to the point when i have stopped going to school for the past few months and still havent gone back. I have always thought mmyself smart but i don't feel comfortable saying it. Honsetly i find it very hard to refine my thoughts and be able to tell my other peers. this has gotten me bullied, bullied to the point where i suffer severe social anxiety and haven't left my house for weeks. i have no idea if i will ever get over it but i refuse to simply let the bullying change me. so coming hear and seeing that i am not alone has helped me not so much, but it's fairly interesting
3 years ago
Well, I understand your feelings since I'm very very shy and completely cluless with other people. Thus, because I was "different" they used to bully me as well... My friends "saved" me. Let's say that if you stay shut forever, the bullying will make no progress, but it'll take some courage to talk about it... If you can't then, try to interact with your most valuable friends first or your family, then decide with them to tell your story to a teacher, and etc. I hope I didn't misundersood and that I was of any help but, you can't let things go just like that... May sound idealistic, but that's the only way. After all it's up to you to decide !
3 years ago
You need to think seriously about that. It sounds like you have been changed already, if you have stopped going to school. Be careful on that point. If all else fails, just do what is hard to do: be assertive. Tell people that you are smart. Someone might believe you, and you might make friends. Friends, by the way, are the key to getting rid of bullies. If you have friends, bullies won't target you as a loner or a weakling. That's who they go for, the friendless or the weak. If they think you are weak, laugh at them. Get in their face. Act like you're fearless. If they call you wimp, grin and say 'try me.' If they call you strange, laugh and ask them if they find you attractive, because they are always bugging you. Turn everything they say back on them. It might not work right away, but they will soon stop bugging you.
3 years ago
Besides being labeled a nerd or "science person", I have several sport related phobias due to being bullied as a young kid. It was in a private school, but the gym still makes me sick to my stomach. Funny thing is, I've only had this problem with people in public school or private school. My close friends are all weird in their own ways and they accept other's weirdness. As an INTP, you might be interested in the psychology of confidence, which can help a little, but in the end friends are your best bet here.
2 years ago
I also had problems with school. However, I wasn't bullied the way you describe, being much taller and stronger than the other people, and having a vicious temper. But I ended up leaving public school. Now I'm homeschooled. It works great. Have you considered doing that?
1 year ago
If someone decides to insult you about your intelligence respond with "I don't need you to verify my intelligence, I know how smart I am" I did that one day and haven't heard a peep out of anyone about my intelligence since
1 month ago
There are people that try to bully me, but being the way I am, I identify them as intellectually inferior beings, perhaps being emotionally unstable, and that they want to take it out on those that they see as less powerful or abnormal. Just remember, might only makes right in the animal kingdom. Among human’s knowledge is power, and those that try to push others around with force, won’t make it anywhere in the future, those are they that will fall short when they enter the real world.
1 month ago
I have never encountered someone question my intellegence, especially when you carry your report card in your school binder and could show at any point that you have perfect grades in mathematics. However, I have encountered those that prefer the “social norm” those with the more common personality types, calling me retarded or autistic. While at first I was unsure how to respond, attempting to outwit them with words and I could see they don’t understand, usually trying to rebuttal with more insults or vulgar langauge, but I now know just ignore them. Let them try to insult you. If all someone can do is insult others to try and make themselves feel better, they are the ones that will be unsucceful, working at fast food restaurants while other’s get PHDs.
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