INTP Friends

Many of the usual motivations for making friends – emotional support, social validation, shared routine – simply don’t apply to INTPs. More likely, these concepts are met with disdain, as people with the INTP personality type prize intellectual depth above all else. It is not easy to become good friends with INTPs, but if there is a common interest and a common train of thought, the connection is likely to spark instantly, surprising everyone else who thought they had this distant personality type pegged.

INTP friends

Be Slow to Fall Into Friendship...

INTP friendships are knowledge-based, defined by the exchange of ideas, theories, and concepts, and those who aren’t able to keep up with this, or who have sharply differing tastes (don’t talk to INTPs about celebrities) will find stony faces that border on rude. To INTPs, communication is often more of a nuisance than a pleasure, and conversation is reserved for topics that they find meaningful, or for people they already like enough to stick it out.

Unless there’s a natural affinity for this intellectual style, few have the patience to try to penetrate their shields, and INTPs are left with a naturally small circle of good friends.

Other Analyst types are a natural fit for INTPs, who share their passion for new ideas, riddles and solutions. People with the INTP personality type are knowledgeable and intelligent, and have a great deal of respect for those who can keep them on their toes in this regard. They will gladly help to tackle any dilemma thrown their way, offering up sound advice and rational solutions. As valuable as these qualities are though, they are not always the best approach – when it comes to emotional support or advice in dealing with matters of the heart, INTPs are at a loss.

It’s not that INTP personalities don’t feel – quite the contrary, they actually have very strong sentiments. But Feeling (F) is one of INTPs’ least developed traits, making their emotional reactions strong, untrustworthy and naturally in need of being tempered by their well-trained logic and rationalism. Still waters run deep.

...But When in Friendship, Continue Firm and Constant

While they may not be able to help directly with these sorts of problems, INTPs help indirectly with unambiguous and reliable friendships. INTPs’ friends need never worry about power games or emotional baggage – they are liked for their minds and abilities, not their status or possessions. While it may not be easy to establish true friendships with INTP personalities, once the link is made, they will provide years of understanding and thought-stimulating ideas, making them well worth the effort.

A dude
3 years ago
If you want to talk about celebrities, make sure I'm not there. Jesus people are so boring when they talk about"ER MER GERD araiana whatever's new song is out and has whatever million views"
3 years ago
I read celebrities, I must stop reading. Just joking. One of my best friends I actually met by randomly talking to her about my ideas for a book. Hey- SHE RESPONDED BACK. It was amazing. I'm just rather upset that we had to part ways...
3 years ago
I have a friend who is INTP (I am INFP by the way). The only difficult thing is that I can never ask her for help about my problems. However, she's great friend and I love her to bits!
3 years ago
What kind of problems and what kind of help are you expecting? I'm INTP and I help my friends with problems all the time since I love pinpointing problems, their cause and then solving them. What I on the other hand never do is comfort them in a way they might want that I personally find a waste of time. I can tell them what to do in a relationship but if they just want to vent about their partners bad habits it doesn't interest me at all and I just can't keep focus. If you want help you need to be more blunt; say that something is bugging you at work/school for example and how it makes you feel and why you don't want that. Ask for your friend to analyze the situation and come up with a solution, if that doesn't perk her interest I don't know what will since analyzing is, well, what we do.
Joseph D. Considine
3 years ago
This is surprisingly accurate. I don't really value tradition and social rules. I'm open minded and flexible to new ideas and thoughts. I never like to read books based on a made up fairy tale but I like non-fiction books that have answers and explanations to this world. In emotional situations I'm rarely sympathetic unless it is someone I am close to. If you would think people with this personality wouldn't be the animal kind of person and would rather test and observe the animal to get some sort of meaning. However, I'm a huge animal person because I value their lives more than humans. Sure, they don't understand English and can't communicate in the complex way humans do, but they are so friggin cute and innocent. I would rather live in a universe where I was the only human and could explore and analyze all living and non living things and how they work. I tent to find the meaning of things more important than the mere entertainment of it. I feel as if my ADD also has to do with my open mindedness and large amounts of environmental observation.(I was diagnosed with this condition by an actual doctor, i did not self diagnose myself with ADD). Speaking of over observations, I just noticed how long this paragraph is.
3 years ago
"Many of the usual motivations for making friends - emotional support, social validation, shared routine - simply don't apply to INTPs." That is so true!! I have had ladies I know comment with a bit of puzzlement that I am unusually comfortable with very little social interaction. They often say how they really miss and Need time with the other ladies in the group, and think it is odd that I am really OK with minimal relationship. Sure, I like friends and interacting, but I characterize myself as "emotionally independent". I don't NEED their approval, or affirmation, or whatever else they get. Of course I LIKE affirmation and approval, but I don't base my worth on what other people think. And sometimes I even prefer disapproval, if it has to do with some stupid, arbitrary standard of behavior.
3 years ago
And I thought I was alone!
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