INTP Personality – Conclusion

Armed with a powerful intellect and vivid imagination, INTPs can overcome or outmaneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most. At the same time, their many quirks, such as often unconstrained rationalism, lead to many misunderstandings. Those misunderstandings end here. What you have read so far is just an introduction – we have a great deal more to tell you about the INTP personality type.

At some point in reading through your results, you probably hit a tipping point. You went from trademark INTP skepticism to “huh...” to “wait, what?” You may even be a little uncomfortable because you are really not used to being understood, even by the people you’re closest to.

Chances are, you’ve accepted that as part of who you are, and maybe even grown proud of it. But embracing that disconnection isn’t a requirement for INTPs. It’s a misused defense mechanism, leading you down a lonely, inefficient path – gaining insight into yourself and others is so much more rewarding.

Logician (INTP) personality

This is no date-of-birth gimmick, and no, we did not spy on you – rather, we’ve spent years studying INTPs’ life stories, experiences, and patterns in hundreds of our surveys. Step by step, insight by insight, we discovered how those who share your qualities and outlook have overcome the challenges they’ve faced. You are a unique individual, but you are not alone in this. It’s wise to learn from others’ experiences – and we’d really like to share those insights with you.

As you move forward into the e-books and interactive courses we offer, we go much deeper into the INTP mind. We answer not just “what”, but “why?”, “how?” and “what if?” Why do you act the way you do? How do you find motivation and inspiration? What if you moved beyond fear to pursue what you secretly want to achieve in life?

We can show you how to use your strengths to unlock your exceptional potential and avoid common pitfalls, while also staying true to who you are – after all, that’s the point. To see how you can grow to be the person you know you’re capable of being, in ways that finally feel right – read on.

1 year ago
WOAH!! I have found nothing in my life so accurate enough. It is me, people used to get fed up when I behave like u know "a lonely person".But now i understand why I am like this....Thanks a lot 16personalities
2 years ago
I just want to say... I think I love almost everyone who has commented here. I read most of the pages and I've never taken a personality test that was this... accurate. I've hated social media since AIM where I would get bombarded with messages when I logged in so I just stopped logging in one day. I have a facebook I check maybe once a year and absolutely refuse to get twitter, snapchat, skype, and whatever other evil current trend is. I adore BBS and I think i'm addicted to reddit or anywhere else that gives lots of information about people where I do not have to interact or if I do choose to interact it is not instant. I don't have any true friends that are not online, have failed at every romantic relationship I've ever had due to me putting logic over feelings, and have been called an emotionless beast that is heartless and cruel by my family. I consider myself very stupid but somehow kept getting into most all the "smart" classes in school being a bottom performer with a low GPA (3 is pretty low when schools skew the results to get better overall numbers). I knew I was different when I was about five years old as well and also had penmanship problems and I had to take speech therapy for a few years (talking too fast and stuttering). Everyone called me shy when I was younger and I absolutely hate that term. Quiet is not shy people! I won my senior superlative for "shy" because no one knew or liked the truly shy people. I can do good penmanship but don't really care to write that slow when a keyboard is available. I love literature and hate people who can not spell. I judge anyone who uses "your" vs "you're" wrong and can't take the time to type out an extra one or two letters (no, know) (2, to) (k, ok) (insert random idiot slang here). One thing I have not read in these comments is about sarcasm. I love sarcasm and witty humor but I've noticed most people just think you are an asshole so these days I shut up. I get along the most with people who are constantly joking because they don't care about sensitivity and at the same time they piss me off because they can't take anything seriously and their jokes gets repetitive, unoriginal, and bland after a time. This is getting kind of long with only a one inch area to type so goodbye you 3%.
3 months ago
Kenrin I do hope you found a partner for life, I ADORE my Logician- but *I* had to be the one to make it happen- I'm a woman, Logician my husband. If I had the least bit of shyness we'd still both be lonely. Logicians are fantastic secret geniuses - Choose your mate Wisely!!!
2 years ago
This makes me feel me sure of myself :)
Annie - CT
2 years ago
I have to post a reply in "Other" because I'm not on Facebook. I hate Facebook. It's like carrying non-stop small talk around with you to access whenever where ever. I can't even stand listening to other people make small talk. Unless it is teeeerrible awkward, then it's wonderfully fun to watch. I just sometimes make the mistake of interrupting them to correct grammar or something similar and end up being pulled into the conversation. Fail. Ever see a cat fall into a bath tub, scratch up everything in its way, then run off soaking wet? Pretty much.
2 years ago
The only reason I'm still on Facebook is some of the mind games on my phone want me to log in to play. Otherwise I have no use for it. Except now I can tell the world why I am like I am. Linking my results to fb was my first fb post in 2 years.
2 years ago
I just want to say that it's not impossible to be social as an INTP! I took this test a year or two ago and it really helped me understand why I struggle with people and being social. I felt lonely and socially inept but nowadays I'm actually friends with half the people of my class! I'm in college and I'm currently studying design. Seems like a weird choice for an INTP, right?
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