ENTP in the Workplace

ENTPs have straightforward expectations in the workplace, but ones that aren’t always easy to meet. Strong believers in meritocracy, people with the ENTP personality type expect their ideas to be heard by those above them, expect robust debate among their peers, and demand that those they manage offer up new solutions and ideas regardless of their positions. While this isn’t always how things play out in reality, ENTPs know what to look for, and can avoid those strictly hierarchical institutions that they would otherwise struggle with.

ENTP Subordinates

This dynamic is clearest with ENTP subordinates, as they are comfortable challenging their managers’ ideas and have a strong (and well-expressed) dislike for restrictive rules and guidelines. ENTPs back this unorthodox behavior with their keen minds and curiosity, and are as capable of adopting new methods as they are of suggesting others do so. If something can be done better, it’s as simple as that, and ENTP personalities gladly take criticism, so long as it’s logical and performance-oriented.

ENTP workplace habits

The biggest challenge for ENTP subordinates is that it is often the fate of the "lower" positions to implement the details, do the dirty work and follow through on plans set out by their managers. This couldn’t be further from what ENTPs prefer to spend their time on – they can’t stand simple, routine work, and monotonous tasks are the stuff of nightmares. Things go over much better if managers are able to properly utilize ENTPs’ preference for tackling complex challenges and diverse projects.

ENTP Colleagues

It is as colleagues that ENTPs prove most polarizing, as their passions for brainstorming, debate and over-analysis drive more practical, task-oriented colleagues crazy, but serve as stimulating inspiration for those who appreciate the innovation ENTPs bring. Nothing bothers people with the ENTP personality type more than getting out of a meeting where everyone agreed with the first plan presented, only to hear everyone complain about how stupid the plan was ten minutes later – but they "didn’t want to make waves". ENTPs strive for honest, direct and objective assessments of these ideas, so much so that they often earn reputations for their insensitivity and condescension.

Luckily ENTPs know how to relax too, and their witty wordplay, healthy sense of humor and outgoing nature win new friends quickly and easily. Always willing to draw on their repository of knowledge, conversations with ENTP personalities are informative and entertaining, which makes it easy for them to be the go-to person for tough problems that stump more rote approaches. Peer-to-peer relationships with ENTPs aren’t always easy, but it’s tough to argue that they don’t work.

ENTP Managers

While not always their goal, management is often where ENTPs are most at home, allowing them the freedom to fiddle with different approaches and come up with innovative ways to tackle new challenges without having to handle the tedious step-by-step implementation of these plans. ENTPs are open-minded and flexible managers, not just granting but also expecting the same freedom of thought that they themselves enjoy. This can lead to disorder, conflicting ideas and approaches being put forward, but ENTPs are also great at accurately and objectively assessing which plan is likely to be most effective.

This doesn’t always make friends, but being liked is less ENTPs’ goal than being respected and seen as intelligent and capable. And liked or no, people with this personality type hold firm ground in rational debates, making them fearsome advocates for their teams. The challenge for ENTPs is focus, as they may find themselves jumping from project to project in a quest for challenge and excitement before their teams are able to wrap up the details of their existing goals and obligations.

4 years ago
Here says that ENTP'S stay a lot of time in their home checking out new stuff to try and new challenges. I think that I should change that, I think I should go more outside and do sports, because thats healthy for me instead of staying home and trying out new things.
4 years ago
This is scarily accurate! Although I find it hard to believe I fit into a restrictive category this well, this is something i wouldn't mind being seen as.
4 years ago
This is me coming and going. It drives me nuts to be in a meeting where both sides of an issue are not argued before a decision is made. I worked with a lot of "F" personalities who would vote for the first suggestion made then ten minutes later would be complaining about it in the hall! Arrgh!
4 years ago
I just had a heated argument with a friend about going with the flow rather than the corect thing. I can only tolerate her "keep the peace at all cost" attitude in occasional spruts. I am required to deal with her because of family circumstance and I often feel the need for pentance because I am polite but see her as frivolous and supervulous. Her placating is agitating to me. Reading this helps me understand. I still don't like her but can enjoy her talents. I admit to using people like this to my benefit but feel shallow about doing it. Some other types are easier to use. They boundlessly do grunt work that I can glean for my use. It's funny that every job I've had falls into the career careers listed.. I always say I don't want to be the boss, but I end up there every time. I work on not eliminating people I know because I feel they are not smart enough or if I'm able to control them easily. I sometimes think I'm awful , I think people don't like me if they get to know me, my best friends are strong, independent people who can meet me equally. Am I a dictator? LOL. Nope, I'm just smarter than the others, but I need them to make my world evolve , and revolve. OMG! Partially kidding! But you understand!
4 years ago
That explains my son to a tee. I feel as his mom I'm constantly being manipulated by him. But he is using his strengths in debate against my weakness as an Fp not a TP
4 years ago
i am in absolute shock at this.. i was a consultant before and currently in strategy( i design processes , root causes analysis and strategic directions for my organisation). this is absolutely me.. i cant live without a brainstorm session :) , the relationship part is quite interesting as im quite exploratory, never understood why.. and get bored extremely easily on all fronts, which i guess is in-line with the enjoyment of moving from project to project. im a budding politico.. now i know why.. oh, wine and a good debate, is what my weekends are made off...
4 years ago
Gee Sandra, I wish you lived close. I can't find a female friend with the ability to brainstorm without getting all offended. Most think you are arguing , no, I'm just trying to exchange ideas! Get over self you pansy weight! Ever feel that way also? LOL.
Gabriela Guimarães
4 years ago
Spot on! Great details.
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