ENTP Careers

In the world of careers, ENTPs have the benefit of being naturally engaged and interested in being productive and helpful. But rather than the sort of people-oriented helpfulness that Diplomats bring to the table, ENTP personalities are focused on developing solutions to interesting and diverse technical and intellectual problems. ENTPs are a versatile personality type, and while it may take time for them to get to a point where they can fully utilize their skillset and qualities, they are likely to find that those qualities translate well into pretty much any career that so much as piques their interest.

If there’s anything ENTPs love, it’s flexing their mental muscles, and any environment that lets them devise new approaches, new ideas and new projects, that allows them to push the limits of their creativity, will benefit strongly from what ENTPs bring to the table.

Not every career allows this level of unbridled brainpower, but there are those that demand nothing but: entrepreneurship, engineering, even acting and photography. So long as ENTPs are honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses, they can thrive in most any career that is in need of a new line of thinking.

ENTP careers

The Value of an Idea Lies in the Using of It

All this intellectual power can be intimidating, but unlike their Introverted (I) cousins, people with the ENTP personality type have the added benefit of being excellent communicators, in the written word but especially in face-to-face conversation. Though they dislike the constraints of managing others (and of being managed), this social adaptability allows ENTPs to be natural leaders, showing the way forward and inspiring others with sound logic and intellectual prowess. While others may object to these plans with emotional considerations or general resistance to change, things ENTPs place little value in, these competing comments are usually outmaneuvered by ENTP personalities’ deft arguments and subtly shifting goals.

The best careers reward intellectual competency and curiosity, allowing ENTPs to utilize their never-ending flow of ideas productively by affording a degree of spontaneity in how they engage their intellectual pursuits. People with the ENTP personality type value knowledge, rational thought and insight very highly, and they make brilliant lawyers, psychologists, systems analysts and scientists. It’s even possible for ENTPs to thrive as sales representatives, as they rationalize purchase decisions that may otherwise seem discretionary – so long as their managers know to give them the space they need to work their magic.

Being Busy Doesn’t Always Mean Real Work

Really it all comes down to a sense of personal freedom, for ENTPs to know that they are allowed to apply themselves fully to understanding and solving the problems that interest them, without getting bogged down by social politics and trying to figure out what makes other people "tick". Routine, structure and formal rules all feel like unnecessary hindrances to ENTPs, and they may find that their best careers yet allow them to engage their intellectual pursuits on their own terms, as freelance consultants or software engineers.

The key for ENTPs is to have the patience to get to a position that allows for these freedoms, to be in an environment long enough that not just their colleagues, but their managers and, in time, their subordinates, recognize what it is that they bring to the table. ENTPs have exceptional qualities – it’s quantifying their achievements and skills that presents the biggest challenge. But once they’ve got their foot in the door, once they’ve got a willing ear higher in the hierarchy, the sky’s the limit.

3 years ago
I love debating, but my friends know I'll (metaphorically) throttle them if they try to beat me, so I have no one to debate!
3 years ago
I should have been raised with this knowledge not finding out at 33, I could have saved a lot of time..funny thing is I suspect I would have fought the attempt to tell me how to live!!! guess it was always going to be like this
Lyra Antigone
3 years ago
Now I know why all of them can't understand my opinions and ideas. I want something that will make me think deeper and easily bored when the topic is too common. Maybe that is why my friends always ask me for advices and ideas. There are people who hates the way I debate about something and how I push my points until they realize that they are freaking wrong. I think it is really me and can't think other type of personality that gonna fit me. I always want to express my thoughts and share my opinions. I love how I am and proud that there is someone out there that is like me. :)
Autumn Gilmer
4 years ago
This is very accurate , I hate to be in a routine or in a constant repetition day to day basis , I want to be a zoologist , a zoologist is a scientist who studies animals. Zoologists are experts on everything about animals, from their cells to the history of their evolution. I feel as if that will challenge me and keep me fascinated with all the animals in the world since there are lots of species of a variety of animals. I love animals so a zoologist is the perfect place for me.
Oz Vessalius
4 years ago
Hmmm, I get bored of everything quickly - including people. So the thought of sticking to one job for the rest of my life almost seems like a personalised prison. I do excel in contradicting subjects like mathematics and then art. Yet I find history and economics interesting but yawn whe I enter a science room... I like science... I just hated my year 7-8 science teacher. So maybe I should aim for lawyer... with my grades I could get anywhere... but my mental state may destroy that.
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