ENFP Careers

“Can’t I fly helicopters AND be an oceanographer who writes songs and cooks?” It’s a big world out there – perhaps even a little too big. ENFPs are fascinated by new ideas, both in terms of developments in fields they are already familiar with, and when new subjects come along. The trick for people with the ENFP personality type is to take advantage of this quality, this wonder with the magnificent breadth and detail in the world, and to use it to propel themselves further and deeper than others are willing or able to go.

If there’s a challenge ENFPs face when selecting a career, it isn’t that they lack talent or options or drive, it’s that there are so many things out there that are just cool.
ENFP careers

The Opening of a Door Can Be a Wonderfully Joyous Moment

Chief among ENFPs’ talents is their people skills, a quality that is even more valuable now than ever. Even in traditional Analyst strongholds like engineering, systems analysis and the sciences, ENFPs’ ability to network and match the communication styles of their audience means that even as they explore new challenges on their own, they will be able to work with others, explore others’ perspectives and glean new insights into their projects. Much of modern progress stems from incorporating other studies into typically disassociated fields, and no one is better equipped to merge broad interests than talented, energetic and future-minded ENFPs.

And while Thinking types may be better at applying logic to systems and machines, people with the ENFP personality type are able to apply that same logic to human interactions and networks, using their exceptional social perception to find out what makes people tick. This lends ENFPs a solid foothold in any human science or service, from psychology, counseling and teaching to politics, diplomacy and detective work. All of these fields have another important similarity: they are in constant development, shifting, presenting new angles and new approaches. It’s simply not possible to be good in these fields and content with the way things are, and this is where ENFPs truly shine.

Too Many Bosses, Too Few Workers

Where ENFPs do not shine is in systems of strict regimentation and hierarchy, such as military service. ENFPs thrive on the ability to question the status quo and explore the alternatives, and if this is a quality that is not just unappreciated but actually frowned upon, this will not only make them unhappy, but it may even threaten their emotional stability. Repetition, predictability, boredom… while some Sentinel types may appreciate predictability and clear hierarchies, these are not selling points for ENFPs. People with the ENFP personality type need to feel like they’re pushing boundaries and exploring ideas, and should focus on interests and careers that encourage that.

Many more career options satisfy these needs, and not just the scientific ones – writing, journalism, acting and TV reporting all give ENFPs a chance to explore something new every day and stir the pot a little while they’re at it. It may come to pass though, that the best way forward for ENFP personalities is to establish themselves as entrepreneurs and consultants, blazing their own trails and taking on whatever project is most fascinating. So long as they get to use their people skills, identify and achieve their own goals and inspire their colleagues and followers, ENFPs will be happy.

Karen H
3 years ago
Hooray, I'm not alone!!! I've oftentimes thought I might be mentally ill with my inability to stick with a defined career for more than 2 years (I know it's nearing the end when I dread waking up almost as much as driving to the "job"...
3 years ago
I totally feel what everyone is saying through their comments on here.. It's definitely hard trying to find out what you're going to do and everyone always tells you " Go with your heart" but then your heart tells you one thing and your mind tells you another.. I first wanted to be a celebrity news reporter, then an actress, then a musician and then a comedian.. Now I feel like I want to do something that helps people and can work with others on things I've struggled with and the hardest part is.. What's my path is this what I'm supposed to be doing.. It's definitely not easy
3 years ago
Wow! I have five jobs pretty much, and I'm OK with that despite others telling me to conform, and there are so many other jobs I wish I could do.
3 years ago
Wait, there's more of me out there? Hi guys! I'm pretty sure I majored in dabbling in life. There's just so much to do! This was EXTREMELY accurate for me, and very telling.
3 years ago
Wow..... Ok i'm 33, disabled vet, stay at home dad...... Kids are fun but they will grow up and move on. What to do in the mean time now that I know what I am and WHY I could never make up my damned mind for what to do as a career after I got injured in the Navy ( difficult to deal with authority and all, but fulfilling to go and see different places). Seriously I can make money to get by doing almost anything. And I don't need much. I have actually contemplated that when the kids grow Up I'll sell the house and travel by foot wherever my feet take me. I have adept survival skills and know how to forage for food even in the urban environs. My disability will be a stable income and I can volunteer doing odd things wherever I go. Meet new interesting people every single day. I don't know though. Thought about buying a ranch too! The possibilities are endless and yet here I am frozen.... what do I want to do with my life and be remembered. How many lives will I have touched whether they like me or not I really don't care, but I want to make a positive difference. Right now its making sure my kids grow up to be good people, and happy. My brain injury and short term memory loss is a hurdle that I have found different ways to compensate for, but employers still wont put up with it. If I do any type of job it has to be self employment. But what? I experiment with everything, I cant help it. I love nature and horticulture because I can easily manipulate it. Because of my grandmother, my thumb is so green, people have said I can reforest the Sahara. I have one thing I believe I have mastered and that is growing soil. But it is so easy I could teach it to people in a day. So it easily gets boring. The average life expectancy for men in my family is about 85. So I'm not even half way through yet. Wish I would have known earlier too about this personality type stuff and especially MY personality I could have saved myself from the divorce I'm going through. I am perplexed. I'm not even upset, I'm just fascinated. And I'm currently an insomniac because of it all. Thank goodness for the ability to take a nap anytime, anywhere, at the drop of a hat.
the dust
4 years ago
its totally me
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