ENFJ in the Workplace

People with the ENFJ personality type are intelligent, warm, idealistic, charismatic, creative, social... With this wind at their backs, ENFJs are able to thrive in many diverse roles, at any level of seniority. Moreover, they are simply likeable people, and this quality propels them to success wherever they have a chance to work with others.

ENFJ Subordinates

As subordinates, ENFJs will often underestimate themselves – nevertheless, they quickly make an impression on their managers. Quick learners and excellent multitaskers, people with the ENFJ personality type are able to take on multiple responsibilities with competence and good cheer. ENFJs are hardworking, reliable and eager to help – but this can all be a double-edged sword, as some managers will take advantage of ENFJs’ excellent quality of character by making too many requests and overburdening their ENFJ subordinates with extra work. ENFJs are conflict-averse and try to avoid unnecessary criticism, and in all likelihood will accept these extra tasks in an attempt to maintain a positive impression and frictionless environment.

ENFJ workplace habits

ENFJ Colleagues

As colleagues, ENFJs’ desire to assist and cooperate is even more evident as they draw their coworkers into teams where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their opinions and suggestions, working together to develop win-win situations that get the job done. ENFJs’ tolerance, open-mindedness and easy sociability make it easy for them to relate to their colleagues, but also make it perhaps a little too easy for their colleagues to shift their problems onto ENFJs’ plates. Being Diplomats, people with the ENFJ personality type are sensitive to the needs of others, and their role as a social nexus means that problems inevitably find their way to ENFJs’ doorsteps, where colleagues will find a willing, if overburdened, associate.

ENFJ Managers

While perfectly capable as subordinates and colleagues, ENFJs’ true calling, where their capacity for insightful and inspiring communication and sensitivity to the needs of others really shows, is in managing teams. As managers, ENFJs combine their skill in recognizing individual motivations with their natural charisma to not only push their teams and projects forward, but to make their teams want to push forward. They may sometimes stoop to manipulation, the alternative often being a more direct confrontation, but ENFJs’ end goal is always to get done what they set out to do in a way that leaves everyone involved satisfied with their roles and the results they achieved together.

Carolyn Moore
5 years ago
This section seems to describe me well except for this statement: "Vulnerable to conflicts and criticism at work." It is nearly impossible to insult me or hurt my feelings. It others are having conflicts, I often butt-in and play peace-maker, however.
5 years ago
Your test knows more about me than my friends and family do! Its quite frighteningly accurate> Luckily I like everything you say about my personality type! :-)
5 years ago
I'm a Business Anthropologist! It's like having a MBA, but coming from the humanistic side, which after reading this, seems remarkably spot-on
5 years ago
hey guys..well i read about my type of personality and most of the things are true . The thing is that I like technology and robots and I;m interested in robots/technology designing and business administration. At first I was interested in psychology though but now i want to have my own business in one of the fields I just said. Some help or feedback please?
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