Career Paths

When it comes to choosing a career, Protagonists (ENFJs) find fulfillment in doing what they love most – helping other people. And with their creativity and drive, they can find ways to serve and uplift others in nearly any work environment, whether they’re behind a gleaming table in a corporate boardroom or behind the counter at a beloved local coffee shop.

Protagonist (ENFJ) careers
People with the Protagonist personality type rarely want for inspiration or opportunity in their search for meaningful work.

Earning Their Place

Thanks to their emotional intelligence and social skills, Protagonists can excel in nearly any people-oriented field, such as human resources, event management, recruiting, or public relations. That said, they tend to feel especially motivated in positions where they can guide others to learn, grow, and become more independent. Many people with this personality type gravitate toward careers with an altruistic bent, such as social work, teaching, counseling, coaching, health care, or public interest law.

Protagonists prove that a desire to serve others can be more than compatible with big ambitions.

Rather than fading into the background, Protagonists are known for their leadership abilities, and they often find themselves in positions of influence. These personalities can be found in public office and at the helm of all sorts of organizations – from nonprofits and religious groups to scrappy start-ups and corporate empires. They may also find themselves in jobs as consultants, advisors, and managers.

Wherever they work, Protagonists rarely lose sight of their core mission: to improve people’s lives. They intuitively pick up on the needs of their clients or customers, and then they draw on their creativity to meet these needs in innovative, unexpected ways. As a result, these types are able to bring sincerity, integrity, and even idealism to jobs in sales, customer service, marketing, advertising, and product development.

Finding the Deeper Issues

Focused and driven, people with the Protagonist personality type are always up for a good challenge. That said, certain challenges motivate them more than others. Work that is repetitive, isolated, or otherwise constrained can be frustrating for them. Protagonists want to see the impact they’re having, not to plug away at tasks all on their own.

In their heart of hearts, Protagonists want to witness the positive effects of their work – to feel and experience the gratitude and appreciation of the people they’ve helped.

Protagonists feel fulfilled and energized by work that allows them to step back and reflect on the big picture. For these types, leaving a positive legacy is a key priority. This needn’t mean something as grand as solving world hunger (although, knowing Protagonists, it certainly could). But most people with this personality type do use their professional energy to resolve at least some of the deeper issues that their customers or colleagues face.

Versatile and insightful, Protagonists bring a wealth of strengths to their careers. At times, they may feel stuck or bored, wishing that their daily tasks could make more of an obvious difference in the world. But with their altruistic, creative spirits, these personalities almost inevitably find ways to use their work – whatever it might be – to contribute to the greater good.