ENFJ Careers

When it comes to finding a career, people with the ENFJ personality type cast their eyes towards anything that lets them do what they love most – helping other people! Lucky for them, people like being helped, and are even willing to pay for it, which means that ENFJs are rarely wanting for inspiration and opportunity in their search for meaningful work.

ENFJ careers

Don’t Worry When You Are Not Recognized, but Strive to Be Worthy of Recognition

ENFJs take a genuine interest in other people, approaching them with warm sociability and a helpful earnestness that rarely goes unnoticed. Altruistic careers like social and religious work, teaching, counseling, and advising of all sorts are popular avenues, giving people with the ENFJ personality type a chance to help others learn, grow, and become more independent. This attitude, alongside their social skills, emotional intelligence and tendency to be “that person who knows everybody”, can be adapted to quite a range of other careers as well, making ENFJs natural HR administrators, event coordinators, and politicians – anything that helps a community or organization to operate more smoothly.

To top it all off, ENFJs are able to express themselves both creatively and honestly, allowing them to approach positions as sales representatives and advertising consultants from a certain idealistic perspective, intuitively picking up on the needs and wants of their customers, and working to make them happier. However, ENFJs need to make sure they get to focus on people, not systems and spreadsheets, and they are unlikely to have the stomach for making the sort of decisions required in corporate governance positions – they will feel haunted, knowing that their decision cost someone their job, or that their product cost someone their life.

Having a preference for Intuition (N) over Observation (S) also means that careers demanding exceptional situational awareness, such as law enforcement, military service, and emergency response, will cause ENFJs to burn out quickly. While great at organizing willing parties and winning over skeptics, in dangerous situations ENFJs just won’t be able to maintain the sort of focus on their immediate physical surroundings that they inevitably demand of themselves hour after hour, day after day.

Always Bear in Mind That Your Own Resolution to Succeed Is More Important Than Any Other

It makes a great deal more sense for ENFJs to be the force keeping these vital services organized and running well, taking their long-term views, people skills and idealism, and using them to shape the situation on the ground, while more physical personality types manage the moment-to-moment crises. People with the ENFJ personality type are always up for a good challenge – and nothing thrills them quite like helping others. But while willing to train the necessary skills, ENFJs will always show an underlying preference for the sort of help that draws a positive long-term trend, that effects change that really sticks.

At the heart of it, ENFJs need to see how the story ends, to feel and experience the gratitude and appreciation of the people they’ve helped in order to be happy.

Careers operating behind enemy lines and arriving at the scene of the crime too late to help will simply weigh on ENFJs’ sensitive hearts and minds, especially if criticized despite their efforts. On the other hand, ENFJs are a driven, versatile group, and that same vision that pulls them towards administration and politics can help them focus through the stress of the moment, knowing that each second of effort contributes to something bigger than themselves.

Laura Ann
4 years ago
This is very accurate! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and feel blessed to have found a career that so perfectly suits my strengths and personality. This site gives clear and comprehensive overviews of the ENFJ, so thank you!
4 years ago
I came here for career inspiration, thinking about Massage Therapy and one of the first comments I see is a massage therapist ENFJ type who is happy with their career choice! I'll keep that "pro" in mind!
4 years ago
I have been a Massage Therapist for many years and it's a highly rewarding role, although being a sensitive person I've experienced too many energy exchanges from clients (particularly cancer sufferers/recovery patients). I would advise you to look for ways to protect your energy centre to avoid this. Good luck! :)
4 years ago
Is being a nurse a good choice for an ENFJ? I've always been determined to become a nurse until I access through this personality test, it makes me self-doubting.
4 years ago
Hi, Beatrice! I am an ENFJ (though I sometimes find myself towing the line for 'extrovert/introvert',) and I am also an EMT with the military service. This position is not explicitly a nurse position, but it is a level of nursing. I do more than a CNA is qualified for but I have less scope than a LVN. I never thought I'd be in the medical field and I NEVER would have seen myself in the military. What I have found in my profession was shocking- I LOVE helping patients. I love my crabby patients, I love my over-talkative patients (I chit-chat too much,) I love my needy patients! As long as I feel like I am helping their situation, I am proud of my work. I do find myself emotionally flustered when I feel that I am preventing my patients from the 'best care'. You will undoubtedly find yourself in situations were other's criticize your methods of helping others-- they have usually burned out and no longer find joy in their job. You will see patients that will never smile at/acknowledge your attempts to make them comfortable or well. But when I feel low in this field, I remember why I work 14 hour shifts and never sit down and recharge- I remember that they need the help. They are not looking for charity work but a true human relationship and comfort in a uncontrollable situation. Yes, I think the medical field is a fruitful choice for an ENFJ personality. My biggest worry is causing my patient's discomfort. Good luck! I hope you find your way. :]
4 years ago
I highly doubt that we are the only ENFJ's drawn to healthcare. (I am a 2nd year med student btw) ENFJ are social people that are driven to change the world for the better. If you combine these traits with the high intellect and sensitivity that ENFJ's are known for your end result is a person with all the character traits necessary to thrive in healthcare.
4 years ago
Interesting, I have done through my work life, almost all of the jobs, suitable for my profile. I was teaching languages, working as a journalist for a newspaper and fashion magazine. than I do also research work while studying anthropology, and actually I work as a translator, but I would like to write. I adore writing.
Warucu Kijuu
4 years ago
Very interesting reading. What I found amazing is that I did not know I'm an ENFJ personality type nor was I aware what career would suit me best. I am a teacher and a counselling psychologist by profession. I also do part time writing for a TV show and an Educational magazine. I instinctively got my career suitability right!
Carolyn Moore
5 years ago
Wow, if 100% of this personality type say they would like to be writers, I'm living the dream. However, it took me twenty years of study and practice to get here. And unlike the profile, I am bored with prose and merely eke out a living in prose to support my poetry habit--though my poetry has been supporting itself (chiefly through prize monies) for several years now.
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