Strength of Individual Traits

Our visitors often ask what is the meaning of percentages that show up once you complete our personality test. We thought it would be best if we answered this question here as well.

Upon completing the test, people are presented with a list of five scales, accompanied by percentage values:

  • Mind – Introverted or Extraverted
  • Energy – Intuitive or Observant
  • Nature – Thinking or Feeling
  • Tactics – Judging or Prospecting
  • Identity – Assertive or Turbulent

These percentages show how strongly expressed each trait is, compared to the opposite one, and they range from 51% (very weak) to 100% (very strong). The dominant trait is highlighted.

Let’s take the Introversion/Extraversion spectrum as an example. On one side you will have someone with 100% Introversion (0% Extraversion), on the other – someone with 100% Extraversion (0% Introversion). The percentage values show your position on all five scales – the higher the percentage, the more strongly expressed the trait.

Most people get values ranging from 65% to 85%, and that is completely natural. We adapt our behavior depending on the circumstances, which sometimes means that, for instance, a usually very Extraverted person chooses to read a book than go to a party, or a very Introverted person feels compelled to go and voice their opinion at a rally instead of staying at home. We stay closer to the center than to the extremes – it is very rare to see someone reach 100%.

Similarly, you will find that some statements in our type descriptions will not be applicable to you. They should match 80-90% of your traits, but the last 10% are often only applicable in cases where the individual possesses very strongly expressed traits.

You may also wonder which personality type you really belong to if one of your traits is weak – we discussed that in a separate article.

8 months ago
...I scored 100% on introverted... uh... Rest in Peace social life I never had.
7 months ago
I’m 99%. Introvert party!
Ninja in Indigo
2 years ago
INFP here :D I have: 90% Introverted 100% Intuitive 84% Feeling 91% Prospecting 59% Assertive When I took this test, for the first time I felt completely understood!
3 years ago
I scored 7% on feeling Im guessing it means I swing both ways.
3 years ago
I guess this means that it's normal to hate being in crowds
4 years ago
Very unique finding about my personality, I always knew there was something special about my character, I just did not have the proper word words it.
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