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Roles: Sentinels

Shared traits: Observant and Judging

Sentinels – Logisticians, Defenders, Executives, and Consuls – are cooperative and practical. Their grounded approach helps them feel comfortable with who they are, defining themselves not by individualism, but by character and competence. These personality types seek order, security, and stability, and tend to work hard to maintain the way of things, leading to a deserved reputation as the core of any group or organization, from family to church to the office and the factory floor.

These types embrace teamwork, but expect the same performance and respectability from others that they strive for themselves. Sentinels often dislike strident nonconformity because they envision progress through collaboration and hard work within a known set of rules – to let everyone do their own thing on a whim would be anarchy. Sentinels prefer proven methods and honest accomplishment to self-indulgent exploration and esoteric ideas. Because these personalities are deeply prudent, they also tend to be self-motivated, and rarely need external inspiration to be productive.

Their grounded perspective leaves little room for random musings, but Sentinels are not unimaginative. They experiment for anticipated gain rather than intellectual thrills, and excel in making challenging situations work. Revolution does not appeal to people from this Role, who tend to learn from the past and remain loyal to the tested truths and traditions they were brought up with. Where some see fascinating philosophy, Sentinels may see preposterousness: these personality types favor practiced methodology over abstract theory.

Having authority allows Sentinels to practice their virtues. Effective in leadership roles, these types motivate others by energetic example and feel satisfaction from guiding a well-functioning group – they tend to make excellent teachers, managers, and community officials, as well as parents and hosts. These personalities are meticulous and traditional, excelling in logistical and administrative fields with clear hierarchies and rules as well. Opting for successful completion whenever they can, Sentinels can be controlling, but gladly compromise when needed to get things done.

Sentinels feel rewarded by shepherding others, and enjoy coordinating and sharing fun social experiences with friends and family. They believe it is their responsibility to give their families safe, happy lives that prepare them for the real world. An appreciation of strong relationships allows them to share generously with those they respect and love – these types feel bolstered by having reliable people in their lives, and will do what they can to make sure they hold up their end of the bargain. Birthdays, dinner parties, and camping trips are delightful events under their enthusiastic direction.

These personality types are happiest without drama, though their admirably stubborn loyalty can certainly attract it if they feel they need to stand by a friend, regardless of whether they’re in the right or wrong. Inconsistent people can test Sentinels’ tolerance and provoke harsh judgement. Sentinels tend to prefer predictability over novelty and familiar pleasures more than cutting-edge excitement. It can be difficult for Sentinel personalities to accept people who lack their studious ideals, but they often respond as engaged and caring mentors to those who wish to grow in that direction.

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