Roles: Analysts

Shared traits: Intuitive and Thinking

The personality types in the Analyst Role – Architects, Logicians, Commanders, and Debaters – embrace rationality, excelling in intellectual and technological pursuits. The Thinking trait makes Analysts exacting, and the Intuitive trait lets them apply their minds to almost anything, with their imaginations aiding calculated, strategic thinking, or seeing just how far the rabbit hole goes with a crazy scheme or thought experiment.

These personalities are driven to understand and create, and have no problem switching between speculative musing and frank, solutions-oriented approaches to whatever problems are at hand. Broad, intelligent vision gives Analysts an ingenious air, but they can become overwhelmed and scattered if they don’t learn to hone these abilities and use them to advance a worthwhile cause or project.

The biggest pitfall is that their intellect can give them a false sense of accomplishment. They tend to prefer the world of ideas to the sober reality of follow-through, and by assuming the role of critic instead of participant, Analysts sometimes risk being functionally outpaced by those who simply sit down and do the work. They can earn themselves the unsavory title of “armchair analysts” while those with more real-world experience continue to create real results. Analyst personality types can lack a proper respect for those of simpler vision and expression, whatever their background, and it can hold them back.

Analysts value their intellect above all else, and it can be a challenge convincing them it’s worth checking their many hypotheses with an experiment or proper evidence to be sure. To many Analysts, if something makes sense in their minds, that’s as good as proved, and a great deal faster. Analysts can be brilliant, but they’re still human; under the influence of ego, these personality types can get in the habit of advancing clever opinions instead of objective facts.

Analysts’ positive self-identity stems largely from their formidable drive to learn, and their clever and sharply witty banter can make them excellent debate partners. Often insatiable readers as well, Analysts can be found stockpiling books, questioning teachers, and driving conversations in forums across the world wide web. These types prefer their own processes and pace, and are energized by exercising their minds on their own time.

Analysts are also relentless self-improvers. Once they’ve recognized a flaw, they apply all of this cold rationality, honest reflection, imagination, and desire for results to make it right. Analysts’ forceful, imaginative vision, when trained and focused, enables these personalities to conceive and accomplish things most thought impossible.

1 week ago
I was called retarded for not talking in class when I am busy thinking about rockets, calculus and Physics when I was still in first year high school. I have always thought I am weird and useless because I don't fit in the society. They even forced me to take the course that they want and work for companies. Now I'm in college I crashed and burn there is no way out neither light at the other side of the tunnel. It made me cry because I want to become a physicist yet no one understand my dream. My very own parents just want me to work for money and started calling me dumb for happily explaining my theories to them. Nobody listen whenever I do. The world I once saw as fun and exciting was filled with humans with personalities worst than a robot. That's why I thought if this society will not accept me, I will create a society where I am accepted.
2 months ago
Do you know this feeling when you just imagine and plan things in your head... without implementing any of that?
2 months ago
So true! I had this teacher who I always caught being wrong when teaching but I never said anything because I was too shy and was scared of getting in trouble.
2 months ago
really acurate
3 months ago
yeah.. i often got 'in trouble' for questioning teachers. they say i'm disrespecting them, but i feel like everytime i ask them i get ignored or their answer is not related to my question. my assumption was they do not know the answer hehe. most answers i got were that's not in the school syllabus. AND IT ITCHES ME EVERYTIME I DONT KNOW WHERE and the 'aftermaths' of that answer make them thing im disrespectful. hope u can relate
2 months ago
Yup... I can relate..
1 month ago
I’m an Explorer type but I can relate. I love asking why things happen and have this tendency to insult teachers up to their faces...
1 month ago
I have asperger's syndrome and a logician and my bluntness and perfectionism always bring me trouble with teachers and fellow students in class if they make what I think is a stupid mistake
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