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6 Times Architect (INTJ) Personality Types Spiked the Stats

Kyle 1 month ago 29 comments

The Architect (INTJ) personality type is rare. Do you even know if you’ve met one? (Or are one?) You can ask people to take our free personality test – but it might not be the best way to introduce yourself.

Especially to an Architect.

You see, these personality types are known for being cautious with their trust – not to mention skeptical. Luckily, thousands of Architects, mysterious and guarded though they might be, have generously participated in our research (and you can too). That’s awesome, because it lets us develop insightful articles and advanced resources to help all kinds of people. But that’s not all.

Here, we’ll take a lighter look at a few interesting times when Architects gave the most extreme survey response among all 16 personality types. A few types may be similar, and a contrasting minority exists, but highest is highest, and we notice that stuff. (Hopefully, none of what we reveal will offend the International Council of Architects – they’re sensitive about their privacy.)

Let’s check it out!

1. It’s Not Who You Know, It’s What You Know

This doesn’t mean that Architects are smarter than other people, but they certainly seem to like learning. These personality types enjoy collecting facts, but more than that, they revel in understanding the world around them and how it functions as a system. For Architects, studying the workings of reality – anything from mechanical devices to psychology – is fascinating. Not to mention, it’s a source of pride in themselves.

Of course, knowledge and its application are two different things. Architects value education, but how do they put it to use? Hmm, you could find one of these personalities to observe, but that may affect them. (If you got that esoteric reference, you might impress an Architect.)

2. Hang On, I’m Considering the Fine Print

When is meticulousness just being picky? Ask an Architect…if you want to hear a meticulous response. We’re teasing, of course – a major purchase is a great time to be exacting and detail-oriented, and most Architects have, shall we say, robust abilities in that department. Their Intuitive and Thinking personality traits lead to technical inquisitiveness, and their Judging trait means that they’re not fully satisfied until they assess every angle.

So, should you take an Architect along for help when shopping for a car or other big purchase? Possibly, but be warned – they excel at finding fault, and since there’s no such thing as perfection, it might be a long, opinion-filled day.

3. The Same Condition You Received It in, Please

Wait, does anyone really like loaning things out? Maybe; only 41% of Entertainers (ESFP) agreed – but maybe they’re more of a “meh.” Architects, however, being quite particular about some things (a.k.a. all the things) are usually very careful with their possessions. It’s not necessarily because they don’t like helping others, but perhaps because they want to make sure they’ll have what they need, when they need it.

So if an Architect seems reluctant to loan you their vacuum cleaner, see if they’ll come clean your floors with it! You can point out how that way, it’ll never be out of their sight and will only be used carefully and properly. Yeah…let us know how that request goes over.

4. That’s Exactly How It Happened, Officer

These personality types seem to truly value precision more than most people. Not only do they crave a detailed understanding of things they experience but they also like to share those details accurately. That can be impressive, but this communication style isn’t necessarily so appealing to all personality types. Sometimes, feelings can be as critical a part of the big picture as anything else.

This stat also leaves us wondering what it’s like to listen to Architects’ vacation stories. There’s a difference between “a funny thing happened…” and a police report. Just saying.

5. But It Doesn’t Say I Can’t, Right?

Figuring out complex rules might seem like a chore to some of us, but to most Architects, it’s very fun and exciting. And to these personality types, it’s about much more than just exploring or learning a system. The most enjoyable part may be the mental exercise of seeing what they can do within that system – and how to push its boundaries. Leave it to an Architect to find and exploit any gaps in the rules, eh?

We suppose you could say that, for Architects, a board game is anything but a bored game. (Aw, come on – you must have seen that joke coming.)

6. Nothing Less Than the Best

With their unique combination of personality traits, most Architects possess a crisply defined vision of what’s ideal. For them, this forms a goal of sorts, even if it’s theoretical or changes with new understanding and awareness. But, on some level, having a sense of how something should be can make it hard for Architects to be satisfied with anything less – even when they try to be realistic.

Setting jokes aside for a moment, we’ll say that perfectionism might be Architects’ best or worst tendency, depending on how it’s expressed. When mixed with tolerance and optimism, it leads to amazing accomplishments. When it doesn’t make room for unexpected change or completely normal human frailties – in themselves and others – it can be limiting.

But, by golly, if you can convince an Architect to come vacuum your floors, imagine just how perfectly clean they’ll be!

What Do You Think?

Who said data can’t be amusing, as well as informative? We hope you’ve found our presentation of these facts entertaining. Just a reminder that they aren’t singular or certain behaviors, and they don’t paint a complete picture of the Architect personality type. But it’s still fun to review a few areas where this unusual personality type is at an extreme.

Are you an Architect, or do you know one of these secretive creatures? If so, let us know in the comments below how the above group statistics compare to your unique, real-life example.

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