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6 Intriguing Stats about Campaigner (ENFP) Personality Types

Kyle 2 months ago 31 comments

There isn’t a more vivacious personality type than the Campaigner (ENFP). They’re known for finding life’s positive side, even when others see only negatives. If you know one of these personalities, then you know what we mean.

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With their wild imaginations, kind hearts, and outgoing natures, Campaigners have occasionally spiked our statistics as the type most likely to agree with a research question. Just for fun, we’ll share a few of these past “top of the charts” responses with you. Are they pure awesomeness, or is there a downside? That’s for Campaigners to know and you to find out.

1. I Just Have a Feeling

It may not surprise you that such an outspoken personality type may also act out of passion and personal belief. Logic has its place, but sometimes our minds speak to us in subtle ways that are more like a deep feeling. That’s especially powerful for these Intuitive, Prospecting types who love to follow their imagination.

Of course, there’s no way to know whether that gut-based approach gets Campaigners good results or not. Maybe that question is a good reason to make friends with one and find out.

2. It’d Be a Mistake Not to Buy It!

Being open to inspiration is a hallmark of the Campaigner personality type. They don’t shy away from unexpected potentials, often embracing them as if they were always meant to be – or at least tossing them into the shopping cart. Yes, Campaigner, you were fated to have those sweet kicks.

And when it comes to grocery shopping, we suppose that this stat might give a whole new literal dimension to the one about Campaigners “going with their gut.”

3. I’ve Got You Covered

Is this because Campaigners are optimistic in general and confident that they’ll be paid back? Maybe. It may also have to do with their sense of empathy for other people and their desire to take positive action. They’re called Campaigners for good reason. Anyone in need would be hard-pressed to find a more willing ally than someone of this personality type.

Are you a Campaigner? We’re friends, right? (I wrote this article about you, after all.) Listen, I’m a bit strapped for cash, so I was wondering if… Hey, where are you going?

4. “Hey, I Just Met You, and This Is Crazy…”

These personality types are known for being expressive and receptive, so it isn’t hard for them to establish an emotional rapport with people. Add to that their spontaneous, joyful engagement style and you’ve got a short-order recipe for love. And the subjects of that love will probably know it, as Campaigners often wear their hearts on a banner.

If a Campaigner seems interested in you, why not let them take you out? These statistics indicate that the date will likely be a hoot, especially if you go shopping.

5. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun Chats

This personality type loves to exchange positive feelings and inspired thoughts with others, and they have a hard time hitting the stop button on fun. Conversationally, they can keep up with anyone, though Campaigners love to generate mutual joy more than just display their intelligence or win a debate.

But a conversation with a Campaigner can get pretty deep. They’re up front, among the most likely types to share their true feelings, and they might ask about yours. All ye guarded, reserved personalities beware.

6. But Let’s Try It Anyway!

A combination of open-minded curiosity and deep imagination makes this personality type relatively uninhibited. And with their Extraversion, exploration isn’t just a theoretical exercise for Campaigners. They’re actually going to do the thing, whatever it is, and they’re quite capable of coming up with creative justifications for doing it.

That’s not necessarily a bad quality, but keep it in mind when you’re hanging out with a Campaigner. It started with good intentions, right?


There you have it! A few interesting instances where Campaigners stood out among all the personality types. If you’re a Campaigner, or if you know one, we’d love to hear your take on these stats. Do they ring true to your experience, or are you in the minority? Let us know in the comments below!

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