16 Odd Ways Personality Types Handle Spring-Cleaning (or Don’t)

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Listen up, all you personality types. We realize that many of you are spending lots of time at home these days. It seems like a good opportunity to do a solid round of spring closet-cleaning, doesn’t it? There’s stuff to face – some of which might need to go. (We can hear your groans from here.)

Well, we’re mostly staying at home right now, too, except for the occasional walk around the neighborhood. We’re not trying to be nosy, but we’ve noticed you as we stroll. Different personality types can have interesting ways of going about cleaning projects – or avoiding them. You know who you are. Some of you will even admit it in the comments.

So, we thought we’d offer a bit of lighthearted commentary. A pat on the back (not really, because, you know – social distancing) and a facetious finger-shake here and there. How does each personality type handle spring-cleaning (or not)? Let’s count the ways.

Analyst Personality Types

Architect (INTJ)

As far as we can tell, spring-cleaning to you folks is more like a piece-by-piece review of your stuff. A chance to justify why you have it (potential purpose = keep) and rearrange how it’s stored. Some of you might get rid of one or two things, but certain precious collections apparently endure undisturbed. Still, when it’s all over, everything’s neat and functionally arranged, like Tetris blocks.

Logician (INTP)

We’re not sure what’s going on over there. Seems to us like you started out with a cleaning plan but then managed to find a logical reason that it should be postponed…yet again. Perhaps you substituted some other form of productivity? Or maybe some other life responsibility (or game) called you away. It’s okay. We know how it is, and you still get points for intent.

Commander (ENTJ)

Holy heck. Looks like you made some hard choices about what to get rid of. But did you check with other people first before organizing and editing their stuff? Everyone appreciates your take-no-prisoners cleaning style, but just because a hoodie hasn’t been worn for a few weeks doesn’t mean it needs to be donated. Just saying. But props for your energy.

Debater (ENTP)

We saw a pretty big box by the curb. Is it possible that the version of spring-cleaning (or sidestepping it) that you folks prefer is basically to just grab a pile of stuff and throw it out? That might explain why you can’t find that thing you were looking for. We think it’s great to lighten your material burdens in life, but it might be good to invest some time in examining things in more detail.

Diplomat Personality Types

Advocate (INFJ)

You all seem to need to be in the right mood to clean and organize. Navigating that moment where you detach from something that once seemed important can be a somewhat challenging feeling. So you didn’t exactly rush into cleaning, but when you got around to it, you were pretty darned thorough. Clutter obviously bothers you, even if it contains some memories.

Mediator (INFP)

Oh, we love you. You had this big idea about cleaning and threw yourself into it, but that was hours ago. Now, you’re paging through that old book you unearthed, trying on favorite clothes you rediscovered, or delighting in those things you forgot you bought and just found, still in their packaging. You’re probably also thinking about taking a break to make a nice hot beverage. Thumbs up.

Protagonist (ENFJ)

You’re not only cleaning – you’re having a cleaning party, aren’t you? “Many hands make light work,” you said brightly to your housemates, ignoring their glares and rolling eyes. But then you made some cunning snacks and managed to motivate a little help for your organization project. Of course, keeping everyone else going takes a lot of your attention, but that’s the price of being the social glue.

Campaigner (ENFP)

It seems like having a neat and clean home isn’t really among the top priorities for most of you, but you still make things work. Looks to us as though your spring is more about inspired doing than reducing, cleaning, or organizing anything. We see a lot of neat ideas going on, some of which seem to have been inspired by an instructional video that came across your social media feed. (Are you ever going to plant those sprouted seeds?)

Sentinel Personality Types

Logistician (ISTJ)

It seems like most of you approach spring-cleaning like a serious responsibility. You logically got rid of a few items that aren’t important anymore, yet your things were functionally organized to begin with, so it’s mostly just routine cleaning for you. The system works, eh? Except for when the other personality types in your house don’t follow the rules. We feel your pain.

Defender (ISFJ)

Hmm. It’s probably none of our business, but it seems to us like you folks might be doing more than your share of the cleaning and organizing in your home. Is it because you find it easier to just do it yourself rather than confront others about their messes and old junk? Hey, we’re not judging, but maybe it’s time you put your feet up, had a lemonade, and let someone else pitch in.

Executive (ESTJ)

You folks seem to maintain things just like you want them, no matter what the season. At most, you merely step up your cleaning game a tad when the increasing spring sunlight reveals streaks and dust. But we’d like to talk to you about your stuff. Yes, it’s organized, but when was the last time you reevaluated it? It’s a home, not a museum, so maybe give that closet some fresh eyes.

Consul (ESFJ)

Uh…do you folks actually like cleaning? What we seem to be seeing from you is cheerful energy, sensible choices, and responsible follow-through. You’re even cooperating with your housemates. What an odd way to go about cleaning chores (at least to us). Where’s the distraction, half-hearted effort, and overthinking we can relate to? Anyway, it’s hard to argue with results. Nice job.

Explorer Personality Types

Virtuoso (ISTP)

Did you even try to sort through all your stuff and get rid of some of it? If not, that’s okay, as you’ve clearly got bigger priorities – like whatever project you’re working on at the moment. At least spring seems to have filled you with productive energy that you’re putting to use. Hard to keep things clean while you’re working, and all that stuff might come in handy, right?

Adventurer (ISFP)

It’s cool that you managed to find some stuff to get rid of. What’s intriguing, though, is how much of it seems to have seen minimal use. Is it possible that your activities could use a bit of organization, as well as your possessions? But hey, leaving a wake of material leftovers is a small price to pay for trying fun new things. Plus, you’re diving in and dealing with it, and that’s what counts.

Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Leave it to you good folks to monetize your spring-cleaning. We admire the way you’re using apps and “porch pickup” rules to get rid of your stuff, but where does it end? If you get too distracted by dealmaking, you might lose sight of the goal of cleaning and organizing. Or is a perpetual garage sale how you’re staying busy these days? Intriguing.

Entertainer (ESFP)

Hang on just a second. It looks to us like all the boxes you set out on the street for pickup are empty. And they’re oddly new-looking. Wait a minute, have you been online shopping instead of spring-cleaning? Busted. Uh-huh, save the explanation and put down your phone. At least try to make a little room in your closet before refilling it, okay?

Final Words

Don’t worry, we’re not really walking around peeking at your spring-cleaning activities – or lack thereof. We’re not judging you, because we are you (glancing at piles of clutter). But a hallmark of wisdom is being able to chuckle at ourselves and our possible personality-related behaviors.

So, yeah, metaphorical pats on the back for you all, no matter how you handle spring-cleaning. Whatever works for you is okay by us.

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