ISTP careers

The list of typical ISTP careers is an excellent reflection of their personality type—colorful, diverse, and unpredictable. The ISTP personality is probably the most mysterious among all types; however, it is also one of the most versatile personalities. Please leave us a comment below if you believe we left some potential ISTP careers out. We really appreciate your ideas, suggestions or criticism. That being said, let us now take a look at some jobs that ISTPs would be really good at.

First, one of the most prominent ISTP traits is their curiosity, combined with the unquenchable thirst for facts and knowledge. ISTPs enjoy finding out how things work and how certain facts could be used to solve a difficult problem. People with this personality type are very practical and prefer the “hands-on” approach, and the best ISTP careers revolve around this. To list just a few examples, ISTPs are great mechanics, engineers, forensic scientists, etc. The key word here is “practical”—ISTPs dislike theory and abstract principles (though they are able to master them if necessary).

Second, ISTPs need a lot of freedom in their careers—after all, they belong to the Explorer (SP) type group. If their work environment is too structured, the ISTP will soon feel very tired and bored; people with this personality type need variety and action. ISTPs are brilliant troubleshooters, and they do not mind taking risks. As mentioned in the description of the ISTP personality type, ISTPs are born for crisis situations. People with this personality type are commonly found in relatively risky careers; for instance, ISTPs often become firefighters, paramedics, detectives, pilots, drivers, and so on.

Third, ISTPs are very results-oriented, self-confident, and loyal. Long-term thinking is not their strongest suit; consequently, people with this personality type prefer to see instant results. ISTPs also tend to be quite relaxed and avoid inflexible commitments. These traits are quite unusual, but there are some careers that make very good use of them; for instance, ISTPs can be outstanding policemen, system analysts (freelance if possible), athletes, or entrepreneurs.



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Jul 25, 2014 18:09:00
I'm a GIS analyst. Great for the hands-on, problem solving aspect. Not so great for the repetitive nature of what we study. Going back to school for biomed engineering. We'll see how this goes. I do things because I want to, and that tends to throw people. It's also how I've gotten some of my best memories, from playing rugby to studying Finnish. Not religious and impatient with people in general. They're kind of slow, sorry. I only get one life and I going to live it how I see fit.
Jul 20, 2014 13:22:13
ISTP-Social worker. Has flexibility, I always have an office alone due to confidentiality reasons, I get to investigate and fix problems. Perfect for me.
Jul 08, 2014 14:11:49
I got a degree in Bio-Engineering...and hated it. Engineering is definitely ideal, but bioE was just too much science and math, too little practical/hands on aka very little "engineering". I should have done mechanical engineering, but figured that out too late. I'm currently teaching high school science. I worry that it won't be fulfilling enough long-term, but either way it's giving me something I enjoy doing while I figure out where I want to go from here. So far teaching seems to be dynamic enough to keep me satisfied, and when I need to be creative I obsess over lesson plans and planning activities. So while teaching in general is not listed as an ISTP career, and probably for good reason, I think ISTP's could be good teachers and enjoy teaching given the right school/subject/age-level combination. Teaching math or chemistry is like teaching kids to solve puzzles...pretty hands on stuff! I think the important thing for an ISTP teacher is that they are teaching an advanced subject at and advanced level...then its more about the subject as opposed to classroom management etc.
Shaidyn Garces
Apr 12, 2014 05:31:41
I am pursuing a career in Mortuary Science, this includes embalming and preparing bodies but also talking to the families in order to put together the funeral. I get to do facial reconstruction using fake body parts and makeup to ensure the bodies look nice for viewing even after severe accidents. I am ISTP and i think this fits perfectly.
Apr 11, 2014 17:27:11
As an ISTP, I love being a family law attorney. I love the freedom I have as my own boss. I love helping people and finding a plan to help them. I feel this job goes perfectly with my personality and ISTP.