ISTJ careers

Typical ISTJ careers are relatively easy to define, given that this personality type is very consistent and traditional. This article will give you a general idea of what career paths would be best for an ISTJ. As always, please bear in mind that these are simply tips and suggestions based on the traits shared by most ISTJs. Please feel free to leave us a message below if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas.

One of the key ISTJ personality traits is their respect for tradition, authority, and security. Most of the typical ISTJ careers revolve around this trait; for instance, people with this personality type are commonly found in military or legal professions. Their strong principles and conservatism make ISTJs excellent lawyers, judges, or military officers. There are many other potential ISTJ career paths that utilise this trait as well; for instance, ISTJs are often found among police officers or detectives.

ISTJs are also very reliable, objective, and exceptionally sharp-eyed. Their love of facts and logic make them ideal accountants, auditors, data analysts, and business administrators. These are some of the most typical ISTJ careers, and people with this personality type truly excel in such roles. However, ISTJs tend to dislike change and have very strong opinions about how everything should be done. They should be aware of these traits and be careful with them to avoid being seen as enemies of new ideas. Even the most traditional and stable ISTJ career paths can and need to change as time goes by.

ISTJs enjoy working alone, but they can also function well in teams if their role requires them to. People with this personality type prefer structured and clear work environments, roles, and responsibilities. However, ISTJs are quite bad at sensing other people’s feelings. Their “just the facts” approach can easily alienate more sensitive and emotional personality types. For this reason, ISTJs tend to avoid customer-facing, academic, or emotionally demanding careers. However, they can be excellent accountants, financial managers, doctors, or computer programmers. These potential ISTJ career paths are very diverse, but they share one significant trait: they put facts above personal feelings, emotions, and social interaction, which are characteristic ISTJ weaknesses.

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Aug 02, 2014 01:08:59
I know of a fair few ISTJs in the science arena particularly biological sciences. I'm an INTJ myself but can see how the ISTJs attitude of 'show me the facts' is relevant.
William Orr
May 04, 2014 21:42:20
Wow. As I find myself transitioning from the military (officer), I often have to challenge my habits of seeking careers which fit the same mold, e.g...police, lawyer. I'd like to see where ISTJs fare as entrepreneurs.
Alexis Wild
Mar 25, 2014 22:33:27
My personality is often hard to test, but WOW! This website got it right on!!!
Thanks so much! :)
I would definatly suggest this website to anybody no matter their personality.
Mar 01, 2014 12:14:05
I was wondering whether being a pharmacist would fit this kind of personality...
Jan 07, 2014 05:56:36
I am a programmer