ESTJ careers

The list of typical ESTJ careers is quite clear and straightforward, just as the description of their personality. ESTJs can be fairly flexible as far as their careers are concerned, but their traits push them in a certain direction, which we will discuss in greater detail below. As always, please feel free to leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your suggestions, ideas, or criticism.

First of all, the keystone of the ESTJ personality and their careers is a profound respect for tradition, stability, and security. ESTJs are very loyal and dependable; people with this personality type will do everything they can to meet their commitments and fulfill their duties. Unsurprisingly, some of the best and most common ESTJ careers are in the military, law enforcement, or legal fields. There is a reason why ESTJs are often called “model citizens,” and they do their best to project and maintain this image throughout their careers.

Second, ESTJs have many inherent leadership traits and genuinely enjoy organizing people. Their internal principles and values tend to be very clearly expressed; furthermore, ESTJs loathe disorganization and ineptitude. These traits make them fearsome but highly efficient in the later, managerial stages of their careers. ESTJs also love putting new structures in place and are remarkably thorough. These traits make ESTJs brilliant business administrators, auditors, and financial officers in the corporate world; such and similar careers are excellent choices for ESTJs. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, ESTJs also tend to be good sales representatives.

Finally, the best ESTJ careers make good use of their hard work, honesty, and motivation. ESTJs are also known for sticking to their projects until they are completed, no matter how challenging they are. These traits are very important when it comes to advancing in a career, and ESTJs are well versed in this respect.

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11 Responses to “ESTJ careers”

  1. Aaron Reply

    ESTJs are the perfect fit for positions with routine, monotonous tasks. They are obedient, and surprise employers with their willingness to perform tasks that are not exciting — as long as they feel a sense of accomplishment from completing said tasks.

    I recommend construction management, business management, accounting, account management, teaching, military leadership.

    I work for a general contractor and love it!

    • Rae Reply

      That’s funny that you would say that, Aaron. I actually loathe routine, monotonous tasks. I find that my most satisying jobs are those that are community oriented and offer autonomy, variety and a chance to interact with people regularly.

      • Emmanuel M'M Reply

        I agree with you Rae. Although I love the sense of accomplishment, I do not like doing the same thing in the same way with the same challenges all the time.

        I am in marketing currently and previously I have been in community leadership at church and at university. Dealing with people implies the same types of problem but never the same circumstances which means different solutions or approaches were always required.

  2. Heidi Reply

    I agree with Rae. I do not enjoy routine monotonous tasks. I am a mother of a very large family, and I find I am happiest when I am working on a task that allows me to be creative and take a break from my usual tasks. I get bored easily from routine tasks. I have taken several Jung type personality tests, and the result is always ESTJ. I find that ironic since I don’t consider myself to be a leadership type of person. I definitely have a controlling personality, but I don’t think that’s the same as leading.

  3. Juliana Almeida Reply

    I’m a surgeon, and it actually takes some leadership , but I’ve learnd with the profession how to be more flexible and open to new solutions, especially in an emergency.

  4. Chris Reply

    Army veteran, retiring as a police officer, considering something in legal now, spot on definition for me.

  5. Kathryn Reply

    I am a senior legal and risk officer for financial institutions for the past 16 years, a mother of 5 kids and enjoy organising self raising for the underpriviliged, Been at this church/community service for the past 13 years too. it is also true that i dislike routine but love to see my tasks accomplished! i never thought i was a leader too, until being placed in such a role for the past 13 years. Thanks very much for the great insights to my abilities and skills =)

  6. neela Reply

    You are right sir ,i thank u for your survey ,I am a lady law graduate , a senior Immigration officer and also a very advanced soul in the spirtual field of hinduism .Following rules and regulation of nature and man made law has fully awakened in me the ultimate spirtual search. Hope many will benefit from your research and and also take steps to correct bad negative habits for the sake of future generation