ESFJ personality

If someone tried to define ESFJ personality traits in three words, it would probably be Practical, Altruistic, and Sociable. Forming around 12% of the population, ESFJs want to be of service to others and take their commitments very seriously. They do not really worry about what role they are in, as long as they get a chance to socialize with other people and feel valued and appreciated.

ESFJ_1ESFJs are great team players, always able to sense tensions and incompatibilities. They are very traditional, doing their best to support and defend authority and the law. People with this personality type also tend to be very devoted, whether they are playing the role of a party host or a social worker. It is quite easy to recognize ESFJs in social events—they will find enough time to chat with everybody.

As ESFJs always try to seek harmony in all possible areas, they are easily offended by others’ disinterest or reluctance to participate in the activities the ESFJ finds noble and important. If uncontrolled, this may be one of ESFJ weaknesses. People with this personality type should consciously try to observe their own behavior around people of different cultures, backgrounds, or personality types.

ESFJs pay a lot of attention to their looks and are very sensitive about their social status; this particular topic is a true minefield for anyone who decides to discuss it with an ESFJ, especially if there is at least some criticism or sarcasm involved. ESFJs also respect hierarchy and do their best to achieve a position of authority.

ESFJ personalities love to be involved in conversations focusing on practical topics or other people’s lives; however, they will do their best to get out of the discussion once it touches abstract, theoretical topics. Analyzing complex ideas and discussing causes and consequences do not interest ESFJ personalities at all, which stands in stark contrast to the Analyst (NT) types.

I wonder why nearly everyone makes a father confessor out of me. I must look benevolent or else I’m a known easy mark. Well, anyway – I like people and like to help ‘em and keep ‘em out of trouble when I can and help ‘em out when they get into it. The rule around here is that no one may speak to the President. I break it every day and make ‘em speak to me.

Harry S. Truman

ESFJs tend to be very warm, sensitive, and perceptive. These are great traits, but they can also cause difficulties for them and those around them. People with this personality type are likely to find it quite difficult to cope with situations that involve criticism or conflict.

ESFJs are likely to take their commitments extremely seriously, putting security and stability above everything else, while not forgetting little but important details in their lives. This personality trait makes them very stable and loyal partners. ESFJs prefer structure over spontaneity, and they value clarity, predictability, and stability in all areas of their lives.

Due to the above personality traits, ESFJ women are usually seen as extraordinarily feminine and are frequently depicted as role models in real life as well as movies or TV shows. ESFJ men generally express and use these traits in a different way.

If you would like to learn more about the ESFJ personality type and its traits, download the ESFJ In-Depth Profile – a 60+ page guide covering a number of diverse topics. Otherwise, please keep reading:

Some famous ESFJs:

  • William McKinley, former U.S. president
  • Bill Clinton, former U.S. president
  • Harry S. Truman, former U.S. president
  • Sally Field, actress
  • Jennifer Garner, actress
  • Tyra Banks, television personality
  • Danny Glover, actor
  • Nancy Kerrigan, skater
  • “Dean Winchester” from Supernatural
  • “Monica” from Friends

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        • mary jo sanchez Reply

          That is cruel. She is a loving, practical woman who cares deeply about her family, her state of Alaska and the country. She is not afraid to speak up when right or wrong! My gosh she was elected Governor. That’s no small accomplishment. She also has high morals and values that many now days don’t have any longer. That is the cause of many problems in our nation. What have you done for others ,your family, or the world? That is why our Nation is collapsing from with-in.

  1. Gemeya Reply

    Wow, I’ve taken a lot of diffent personality test and I’ve gotta say this one is impressive.

  2. Pris Smith Reply

    I was perfectly fine with this until I saw the name, Sarah Palin. I would hope that I had NOTHING in common with that woman.

  3. GeorgeForeman Reply

    I feel like the website provides examples which we can clearly the traits mentioned. So it’s a stereotype. I dont think that the type you have really matters all that much if your mature. Everyone knows you need balance.

    That being said I hate the stereotype with a passion.

  4. Morgan Mance Reply

    I have no problem being listed as the same personality type as Sarah Palin… she is an extraordinary woman!