ENTP relationships

People with the ENTP personality type tend to be very spontaneous, and they often seek dating partners who complement that trait. Their ideal relationship includes looking for new things that both partners could experience together. This means that the ENTP’s partner should have similar priorities and intellectual capacity. The ENTP will do their best to push the boundaries and traditions in any romantic relationship, even during the early dating phase. (They often test their potential partners to see how open-minded and spontaneous they are.) That being said, the unwavering enthusiasm of the ENTP is likely to be very beneficial in the relationship, both strengthening and deepening it.

ENTPs constantly challenge both themselves and those around them, always looking for new ideas and ways to improve their understanding of the world. This is evident in their romantic relationships as well. Even when they are still looking for a dating partner, ENTPs think about how they would be able to develop and grow together with that person.

ENTP relationshipsSuch a relentless pursuit of growth can be taxing, but it also strengthens the relationship considerably. ENTP personalities would keep trying to surprise their partners in a pleasant way, keep finding new aspects to improve, keep looking for innovative ways to connect with those close to them, etc. Dating an ENTP or living with them is never boring. Some personality types might get a bit tired of this constant pursuit of growth after a while, but if they do not, the flame of their relationship will always burn brightly.

This trait is especially evident in intimate situations. ENTP personalities tend to be very curious and enthusiastic sexual partners, keen to seek exploration and development in this area. ENTPs are likely to encourage their partners to try new things and enjoy intimate situations without limiting themselves in any way. Such traits make ENTPs very attractive dating partners—once the relationship moves into that stage. However, it is unlikely that the ENTP will define intimacy in emotional terms; they tend to see sexual acts from the physical rather than spiritual perspective.

ENTPs know how to direct their enormous enthusiasm and genuine desire to improve things into further refinement and development of the romantic relationship. However, ENTPs should take care not to overlook their partner’s feelings and also avoid excessive immersion in new non-romantic ideas or opportunities. While that sincere excitement can certainly be very attractive, the never-ending stream of ideas pouring from the ENTP’s mind would eventually frustrate even the most patient dating partner.

Preferred partners: INTJ and INFJ types, as their Introversion (I) and Judging (J) traits counterbalance ENTPs’ Extraversion (E) and Prospecting (P) traits.

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cheru chan
Aug 16, 2014 00:12:31
so basically, this says im a logical trouble maker.
Aug 11, 2014 01:51:17
Very true. I (an INTJ female) have an ENTP boyfriend and one thing I've especially noticed is that he is always looking to improve the relationship, especially by trying new things. I'd agree that we're compatible, and being an introvert myself, it's nice to have someone to hide behind at (God forbid) a social event. A little exhausting at times, but ENTPs, you people are quite romantic.
May 28, 2014 14:31:19
Wow! I'm an ENTP girl. This is incredibly accurate. I'm dating an ISTP now, and it's cool because I'll get and idea, and he's like "yeah lets do it" because it appeals to his sense of adventure (Se).

Suppose a reggae song comes on the radio. I'll say "OOH! Lets go to a reggae club tonight!" and he will find a club for us to go to, and take care of the details as well. lol
Feb 04, 2014 20:24:31
How does ENTP end up with a Introvert? That makes no sense to me.
Feb 11, 2014 15:19:18
Heather, I'm an ENTP currently with an introvert, and originally I had the exact same question as you. I think really, the best answer has to do with attention. I seem to need someone who can "go along" with my adventurous side rather than clash with their own impulsiveness. What's needed, in HUGE amounts, is trust. If the introvert feels like they can trust the ENTP they're more likely to go along for the ride.

There are some negatives. Partys for example, excite me and give me energy, while they absolutely exhaust her. Or vacations... In a new/strange town I'm more likely to say "Let's just head into town and explore and see where we end up." That's literally the worst thing she's ever heard. So the introvert needs to trust (not always easy for them) and the ENTP needs to sometimes compromise (not always easy for us) If the combo works, it leads to pretty good growth for both.
Aug 08, 2014 15:22:10
I can't help but disagree -- and not just because I'm an ENTP. I've dated both introverts and extraverts, and completely agree with Heather. Why would I want someone to 'go along' with me when I could have someone that can challenge me? Especially when they're as outgoing as I am. I don't want someone who would rather play it safe but follows me out into something their personality would dislike because they trust me -- I want someone who's as bold and impulsive enough to thrive on the same things I enjoy.
Aug 13, 2014 01:49:59
Introverts can actually be quite sweet and romantic and very thoughtful.
Jan 21, 2014 19:55:22
this always seemed like the most attractive type to me.