ENFP relationships and dating

Dating or being in a relationship with an ENFP can be an eye-opening experience. People with this personality type are very imaginative, flexible, and enthusiastic, always coming up with new plans and ideas. Furthermore, ENFPs are very devoted and reliable partners, willing to do everything they can to make sure that the relationship is strong. That being said, every stick has two ends, and the ENFP personality type is no exception.

The main problem that ENFP personalities are likely to encounter when it comes to dating and relationships, is that they may find it quite tricky to remain focused on a clear goal. ENFPs are very spontaneous—careful, long-term planning is naturally difficult for them. This weakness may complicate their dating efforts and long-term romantic relationships as other personality types may see the ENFP as inconsistent or erratic, despite the fact the ENFPs tend to take their responsibilities very seriously.

ENFP_2That being said, the ENFPs’ devotedness comes with an important caveat. Most people with this personality type are constantly looking for new ideas and improvements; this is a great trait, but it must be kept in check when it comes to romantic relationships. Otherwise, the ENFP may start fantasizing about a better, different relationship soon after the first date or may keep pushing their long-term partner toward new things and experiments. Less mature ENFPs may constantly seek new experiences as a source of excitement, regardless of their potential consequences. If their partner does not reciprocate (and very few personality types can cope with this), the ENFP may feel unhappy and misunderstood.

ENFPs tend to be passionate and enthusiastic partners, trying really hard to make sure that the other person is happy as they shower them with affection. ENFPs also love hearing compliments, often asking for them indirectly. People with this personality type should keep this trait in check during the dating phase as it is likely to be perceived as neediness by their potential partners.

The ENFP’s partner will appreciate and enjoy the warmth and excitement that this personality type brings into the relationship. ENFPs are mysterious, idealistic, and deeply emotional; these traits not only tend to attract potential dating partners, but also keep the flame of their relationship burning for many years to come. People with the ENFP personality type are willing and able to enliven their romantic relationships in unusual and exciting ways, often surprising even their long-term partners. If an ENFP decides to commit to the relationship, their devotedness will be unshakeable.

As already mentioned, ENFPs are very emotional individuals, and this affects their romantic relationships in many ways. Some of the ENFPs’ emotions run quite close to the surface and are easily noticeable, but some are hidden very deep within their minds. This trait may surprise or even shock their partners, who may have thought they had figured everything out. ENFPs tend to be bewilderingly deep and intense individuals, and that intensity is not always apparent.

This is one of the reasons why ENFPs are often quite careful about opening up and committing to their partners; relationships mean a lot to them, and a failed relationship can hurt the ENFP immensely. They may keep asking themselves why the relationship failed when they had been trying so hard to make their partner happy. Such soul-searching can easily crush the ENFP’s self-esteem and plunge them into depression. It is crucial that the ENFP realizes that the success of the relationship is a shared responsibility and they cannot carry the weight alone.

ENFPs tend to be very imaginative and passionate lovers, always happy to explore and experiment. Traditions and schedules are an anathema to ENFPs—they would much rather do something crazy every day than agree to stick to clearly defined roles and intimacy at regular intervals. Furthermore, they can be quite perfectionistic in this area, believing that sexual interaction is something that both partners should see as a great way to share love and affection. ENFPs also tend to be fairly liberal when it comes to intimacy during the dating phase.

Preferred partners: INFJ and INTJ types, as their Introversion (I) and Judging (J) traits counterbalance ENFPs’ Extraversion (E) and Prospecting (P) traits. ENFPs should be aware that it may take a while to draw these types out of their shells during the dating phase. It is quite unlikely that this will happen after one or two dates, even though the connection will probably be instantaneous.

If you would like to learn more about how ENFPs can get better at starting and maintaining healthy romantic relationships, including advice aimed at specific personality type combinations, download the ENFP In-Depth Profile – a 60+ page guide covering a number of diverse topics. If you are single, you might also want to take a look at our Dating section.

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