ENFP personality

Forming around 7% of the population, people with the ENFP personality type tend to be curious, idealistic, and often mystical. They seek meaning and are very interested in other people’s motives, seeing life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected. Not surprisingly, ENFPs tend to be very insightful and empathic individuals. This, plus their charm and social skills, often makes them very popular and influential.

ENFP_1On the other hand, this can also be a disadvantage as the ENFP is likely to worry about not being sufficiently original or spontaneous. If they are not careful, this personality trait can lower their self-esteem.

ENFP personalities are usually characterized by high levels of enthusiasm, especially when it comes to things that spark their imagination. In such cases, ENFPs can be very energetic and convincing; they are able to easily persuade other people to join their cause. Ironically, this trait can also turn against the ENFP, when they suddenly find themselves center stage, being seen as leaders and inspiring gurus by other people. ENFPs strive to be independent, so they do not always welcome such attention.

ENFP personalities are very emotional and sensitive, believing feelings are something everyone should take time to understand and express. However, this trait can also cause a lot of stress for them as ENFPs may often focus too much on other people’s motives and the possible meanings behind their actions. People with this personality type are sharp-eyed and intuitive, but they can make serious mistakes when they try to use their interpretation of other people’s emotions as a basis for their decisions.

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

ENFPs are also likely to have difficulties dealing with routine, administrative matters. They are more interested in freedom and inspiration than security and stability, and this attitude is usually clearly visible: an ENFP would rather try to come up with an interesting solution or an idea, no matter how difficult that is, than deal with simple yet boring tasks.

People with the ENFP personality type know how to relax, drawing on their imagination, enthusiasm, and people skills. For instance, they can be very serious and passionate about work during the day and then later let off steam at a wild party in a nightclub. This switch between the two modes can often be instantaneous, surprising even their closest friends.

Finally, ENFPs are non-conformists, following their own path and trusting their intuition. Their talents are numerous, but they all depend on the ENFP being given enough freedom. People with this personality type can quickly become impatient and dejected if they get stuck in a boring role where they are unable to freely express themselves. But when the ENFP finally finds their place in the world, their imagination, empathy, and courage are likely to produce incredible results.

If you would like to learn more about the ENFP personality type and its traits, download the ENFP In-Depth Profile – a 60+ page guide covering a number of diverse topics. Otherwise, please keep reading:

Some famous ENFPs:
Franz Joseph Haydn, composer
Robert Downey, actor
Andy Rooney, journalist
Carol Burnett, actress
Meg Ryan, actress
Robin Williams, actor
Sandra Bullock, actress
Alicia Silverstone, actress

66 Responses to “ENFP personality”

  1. Tasha Lim Reply

    Definitely feels like me. Reading this has helped me understand myself better. Now I try to reduce my worries over small things and just try to enjoy haha :) thanks a lot!

  2. Jackson Orlando Mahinahi Reply

    I pretty much just used all this so yeah thanks I guess

  3. Gaby Reply

    its funny that im ENFP but the description is very little like me:)?? WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!!

    • Constantino Cerrano Reply

      Its probably because you’re not ENFP. Try answering the quiz more truthfully next time. -INTJ

  4. Natalie Woodrow Reply

    Wow, having just read this description of my test, i am amazed as that sounds so like me and how i really feel and am in my life…
    But , why should i be amazed , as really i know i am a genuine, caring person who does thrive within harmonious warmth preferring not to be involved in nasty situations or individuals that we can come across in life..
    Although it has took many years of learning the hard way, to get there..the struggle at times it took to be where i am right now….
    And it is only by going through those struggles and hard times that i have learnt to appreciate who i am and to show my care for others..
    As they say in life, nothing good comes easy… No pain,no gain!
    And i would not change any of it for anything..
    The journey has been soul building… and has given me greater strength to make life even happier… and to keep sharing that with the people who matter to me…..

  5. Eiman Reply

    I have taken this test twice. Once for school and the second for kicks.
    I have again proven to be an ENFP, and quite frankly . . . . . . I couldn’t be happier.

    This is definitely my personality and it really gives me an insight into where I could be a success in life.
    It makes so much sense !!

  6. Johan Roos Reply

    Thanks to all who got this together, I now at last know who I am. Much appreciated

  7. Cameron Reply

    This is so much like me! After reading this, I feel as if I can be a better me! I feel as if I know who I am more then I ever did before! Thank you for helping me find my true self once again.

  8. V Reply

    I want to be a lawyer but not sure if my personality (ENFP) suits it??

    • E.R.B Reply

      sure it suits you! and i quote “very energetic and convincing; they are able to easily persuade other people to join their cause.” If you dont mind attention then a lawyer would be a great idea! I am also a VERY good persuader lol.