ENFJ relationships and dating

ENFJ personalities take dating and relationships very seriously—their dedication and passion are really admirable. Even in early dating phases this is evident; people with this type are prepared to put a lot of time and effort into fostering their romantic relationships. First of all, ENFJs pay a lot of attention to their partners’ needs and desires. Second, they do not shy away from commitments or obligations, doing their best to connect with their partners. Finally, ENFJs do everything they can to feel the pulse of the relationship: they will occasionally ask their partner if everything is fine, whether they need anything else, etc. If there are any concerns at all, the ENFJ will rush to resolve the potential issue as soon as possible.

ENFJ_2ENFJs take their obligations very seriously and are likely to do everything they can to create and maintain a solid relationship. Unfortunately, this is also one of the main weaknesses of ENFJs: due to their extraordinary emotional investment in dating and romantic relationships in general, ENFJs are likely to feel a huge sense of guilt and betrayal if the relationship (even if they were still dating) fails. However, this is unlikely to crush the ENFJ.

From the standpoint of sexual intimacy, ENFJs tend to be very passionate and dedicated lovers, doing their best to make sure that their partners feel happy. That being said, their Judging (J) trait is likely to introduce a bit of routine and predictability (which may actually be a stabilizing factor) into their sexual life.

ENFJ personalities loathe conflicts and criticism, especially when it comes to dating and romantic relationships. They will do everything they can to escape tense situations, including sacrificing their own principles. This can easily lead to resentment and difficulties later on, once both partners realize that the problem has not gone anywhere.

ENFJs should also learn to pay more attention to their own needs and express them clearly, especially while they are still dating. People with this personality type do not need much to feel happy; however, it is crucial that the ENFJ receives some praise and visible affection as well. Otherwise, the balance in the relationship may be disrupted, or their dating partners may see them as insecure.

Preferred partners: INFP and INTP types, as their Introversion (I) and Prospecting (P) traits counterbalance ENFJs’ Extraversion (E) and Judging (J) traits.

If you would like to learn more about how ENFJs can get better at starting and maintaining healthy romantic relationships, including advice aimed at specific personality type combinations, download the ENFJ In-Depth Profile – a 60+ page guide covering a number of diverse topics. If you are single, you might also want to take a look at our Dating section.

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  1. Arjan Verhoeff Reply

    There are 140 million people on the planet exactly like me, I feel so special now.

  2. AlwaysInvisibleGirl Reply

    There is something that I am curious about. How would an INFJ and an ENFJ likely react/cooperate/cohere in a romantic relationship? How high (or low) is their compatibility?

    • ENFJ123 Reply

      Really well, judging based upon current relationship. Fireworks, magic, breathtakingly beautiful union.