INTP Friends

Many of the usual motivations for making friends – emotional support, social validation, shared routine – simply don’t apply to INTPs. More likely, these concepts are met with disdain, as people with the INTP personality type prize intellectual depth above all else. It is not easy to become good friends with INTPs, but if there is a common interest and a common train of thought, the connection is likely to spark instantly, surprising everyone else who thought they had this distant personality type pegged.

INTP friends

Be Slow to Fall Into Friendship...

INTP friendships are knowledge-based, defined by the exchange of ideas, theories, and concepts, and those who aren’t able to keep up with this, or who have sharply differing tastes (don’t talk to INTPs about celebrities) will find stony faces that border on rude. To INTPs, communication is often more of a nuisance than a pleasure, and conversation is reserved for topics that they find meaningful, or for people they already like enough to stick it out.

Unless there’s a natural affinity for this intellectual style, few have the patience to try to penetrate their shields, and INTPs are left with a naturally small circle of good friends.

Other Analyst types are a natural fit for INTPs, who share their passion for new ideas, riddles and solutions. People with the INTP personality type are knowledgeable and intelligent, and have a great deal of respect for those who can keep them on their toes in this regard. They will gladly help to tackle any dilemma thrown their way, offering up sound advice and rational solutions. As valuable as these qualities are though, they are not always the best approach – when it comes to emotional support or advice in dealing with matters of the heart, INTPs are at a loss.

It’s not that INTP personalities don’t feel – quite the contrary, they actually have very strong sentiments. But Feeling (F) is one of INTPs’ least developed traits, making their emotional reactions strong, untrustworthy and naturally in need of being tempered by their well-trained logic and rationalism. Still waters run deep.

...But When in Friendship, Continue Firm and Constant

While they may not be able to help directly with these sorts of problems, INTPs help indirectly with unambiguous and reliable friendships. INTPs’ friends need never worry about power games or emotional baggage – they are liked for their minds and abilities, not their status or possessions. While it may not be easy to establish true friendships with INTP personalities, once the link is made, they will provide years of understanding and thought-stimulating ideas, making them well worth the effort.

3 years ago
I am an INTP and, yeah, most people hate being anything more than just casual friends with me. I've had people that I considered to be very close friends just abandon me, because I am too logical or harsh during emotional situations. So I've just shut down and now I refuse to trust or consider anyone a close friend. Be nice to INTPs people - we really do try to be good friends (and we can be if you let us) but it takes putting up with some frustratingly stoic responses sometimes, too...
3 years ago
This is really true, except that I don't always prefer NT types. I tend to prefer anyone who is intelligent and shares my interests. Most of my feeling friends would definitely agree that I am below average in the emotional support category, but they can rely on me for solving problems using logic or pointing out factual discrepancies. It's sad but true that most girls my age are rather shallow. I would rather talk about science, zoology or the environment than about people. From my observations, INTPs seem to be much more interested in environmental issues than most other types. Does anyone else agree with this?
3 years ago
I am this but I don't have problems with emotional support and I actually have pretty big feelings Although most people find it hard to be freinds with me most of my freinds are fake and also I usually have very complex strategy's for doing things wich aren't very logical also my personality is a little wacky cause i have a d d and its the space cadet type
3 years ago
To be honest I have hurt other people's feelings, because I do not consider anyone my friend unless they are my close friend. It's been like that my whole life. It's like they are acquaintances, that I might do something with outside of school/work environment. When people complain I don't really say anything, 'cause I know my feelings can be quite blunt and harsh.
3 years ago
It's scary how accurate this is. It's so hard to make friends if I don't feel this ''magical'' instant connection based upon the description above. It's extremely annoying because it limits myself to potentially great people if I actually wanted to make the effort but it just seems so tedious. With that said, when you do find that person that you can connect with on that level, it's a very rewarding experience. I do wish I could be more open but I guess this is just how I am :/
3 years ago
You are beautiful just the way you are :)
3 years ago
I'm the same way! Though, I do make friends easily, I hate this about me, but then I think that they become annoying barriers in my way. I get too sarcastic and hurt their feelings. My "rule of thumb" that my brain made under my will for friends is that find a friend older that you. I'm very mature for a girl my age, 12, and every other girl is just plain immature. If they make the inappropriate jokes in the first five minutes... No. If I find a mature person, I have a method. Well, what I like to do is talk to them. Head on, you and her. Get to know her, and if she starts talking more in-depth about herself and trusting you... You've got a friend. Boyfriend stuff, or girl stuff... She trusts you. Plus, give other friends this test. Its interesting to see what they are, no?
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