INTP Personality – Conclusion

Armed with a powerful intellect and vivid imagination, INTPs can overcome or outmaneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most. At the same time, their many quirks, such as often unconstrained rationalism, lead to many misunderstandings. Those misunderstandings end here. What you have read so far is just an introduction – we have a great deal more to tell you about the INTP personality type.

At some point in reading through your results, you probably hit a tipping point. You went from trademark INTP skepticism to “huh...” to “wait, what?” You may even be a little uncomfortable because you are really not used to being understood, even by the people you’re closest to.

Chances are, you’ve accepted that as part of who you are, and maybe even grown proud of it. But embracing that disconnection isn’t a requirement for INTPs. It’s a misused defense mechanism, leading you down a lonely, inefficient path – gaining insight into yourself and others is so much more rewarding.

Logician (INTP) personality

This is no date-of-birth gimmick, and no, we did not spy on you – rather, we’ve spent years studying INTPs’ life stories, experiences, and patterns in hundreds of our surveys. Step by step, insight by insight, we discovered how those who share your qualities and outlook have overcome the challenges they’ve faced. You are a unique individual, but you are not alone in this. It’s wise to learn from others’ experiences – and we’d really like to share those insights with you.

As you move forward into the e-books and interactive courses we offer, we go much deeper into the INTP mind. We answer not just “what”, but “why?”, “how?” and “what if?” Why do you act the way you do? How do you find motivation and inspiration? What if you moved beyond fear to pursue what you secretly want to achieve in life?

We can show you how to use your strengths to unlock your exceptional potential and avoid common pitfalls, while also staying true to who you are – after all, that’s the point. To see how you can grow to be the person you know you’re capable of being, in ways that finally feel right – read on.

3 years ago
This actually seems to be so accurate considering my circumstances. I'm only 17 years of age, socially detached, barely any good friends (due to myself not putting in the effort to create these relationships) and struggle in making deep relationships with girls, although I am able on my own accord to acquire these relationships with friends and girls I generally choose not to. And It is right that we need a plan, I have always been told throughout my middle school to put effort in and to try because I actually have brains compared to majority of the kids at schools, but I've been distracted in the temptations of games to obtain the best possible result through these games (such as World of Warcraft trying to get rank 1). Aswell as the video games I enjoy puzzles and riddles such as sudokus etc.. and I forgot to add that I do find it quite difficult to socialise in groups or with anyone outside of schoolf or that matter.. But after councilling on how to counter this I am finally starting to create friends and being able to adapt to social circles outside of school and am starting to strengthen my weakness of being isolated from people. I can't believe how true this is though, I am always mentally sparring people and have a passion for theorys such as ancient aliens etc.. And a passion for space A tip for all INTP's that are under the age of 16 or haven't started high school, don't worry as you probably half listen to class already wait until you get to high school and do chemistry, I never used to listen in middle school and averaged C's D's and a few B's and I'm rocking 100%'s on my assessments so far and averaging 2-3 drafts per assessment.
Srey Roth
3 years ago
I totally agree. It's just like that for me! I'm 15 - the age of a freshman in sophomore classes. People consider me smarter than I am, and I don't get close enough to them to prove them wrong. However I do spar with them in my head for sure!
Vera Rios
3 years ago
Just when I thought I was awkward for having constant brainstorms and almost obsessing on my own thoughts I realize there are more people like me. I never understood why so many people waste time on chitchats with no intellectual depth. For me that's just what it is, a waste of time. And here I am, trying to analyse why people do it 'cause everything for me needs to be analysed.
A Slightly Humorous Pun
3 years ago
As others have stated, this is also very accurate for me as well. Although I was raised by a INFP so it would seem I have a better grasp on emotions than a lot of the other people in the INTP category... *Sardonic Cheer* Woo.... Emotions...
3 years ago
The struggle to find others to relate is very difficult. I get tired out when I'm in large group settings so meeting other people is a chore for me. I worry a lot about what others think of me. Finding people who can understand and tolerate me has been a long lasting mission for me.
3 years ago
The accuracy of this was absolutely startling. I'm amazed that this personality profile was able to articulately explain why my friendships and relationships are so difficult to make and maintain. Furthermore, I'm really interested in seeing how INSP's interact with other personality types. My brother is an ENFP and we get along famously!
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