Extraverted Observant Feeling Judging

ESFJ Personality


Consuls are very caring, social, community-minded people who are always eager to help.

A scene depicting the ESFJ personality type (Consul). Two excited children are seated at a table, while their smiling ESFJ parents carry over wrapped presents and a birthday cake with lit candles. A loyal dog companion stands nearby, eager to join in the festivities. The scene conveys the joy and togetherness the ESFJ personality type finds in bringing loved ones together to honor important milestones and strengthen family bonds.
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Career Paths

Because their personality traits are so strongly expressed, leading with practical sense and social vigor, people with the ESFJ personality type (Consuls) tend to find the most satisfaction in careers that revolve around making the best use of these qualities. They are well organized. They enjoy bringing order and structure to their workplace, and they often work best in environments with clear, predictable hierarchies and tasks. Monotony and routine work are not a challenge for them, as long as they’re working in the company of others.

In order to feel truly satisfied in their careers, ESFJs need regular opportunities to feel productive, useful, and like they are helping others in one way or another.

Altruistic Motivations

Careers as administrators are a natural fit, allowing them to organize not just an environment but also the people within it. Their practical skills combine well with their dependability, making ESFJ personalities surprisingly good accountants – though they often prefer to be personal accountants, helping people and interacting with them directly, instead of corporate accountants crunching numbers in some back room.

ESFJ (Consul) careers

Purely analytical careers can feel too dull for ESFJs – unless they’re paired with human interaction and emotional feedback. Good listeners and enthusiastic team members, people with the ESFJ personality type are excellent providers of medical care and social work. Teaching is another great option, as they are comfortable with authority but are supportive and friendly enough to keep that authority from feeling overbearing.

Best careers for ESFJ personalities all have the additional benefit of providing them with perhaps their most important requirement: to feel appreciated and know they’ve helped someone.

A Helping Hand

Being as altruistic as they are, ESFJs find it hard to be satisfied unless they know they’ve done something valuable for another person. This is often the driving force behind these personalities’ careers and career advancement, and it makes religious work and counseling particularly rewarding.

Whatever they choose to do, ESFJs’ comfort with busy social situations and practical knowledge and skills come together to create people who are not just able to be productive and helpful but who genuinely enjoy it.