ENTP Friends

Loyalty, support, emotional feedback – these are not what ENTPs look for in their friendships. The last thing people with the ENTP personality type want to hear is "you’re right", not unless they have absolutely earned the distinction in a heated round of intellectual debate. If they’re wrong, ENTPs want to be told so, and they want every detail of the faults in their logic to be laid bare, partly in their quest for oftentimes arbitrary truth, and partly just so they have to work to defend that logic with counterpoint and parry.

It’s often easy for ENTPs to test compatibility with a potential friend – they just need to test combatability. ENTP personalities are quick-witted, and their primary means of expressing this is in the form of arguments and discussions, where they will easily spend an entire evening debating an idea they may not even believe in.

The epitome of ENTPs’ friendships is when someone can hold their ground in these arbitrary debates with valid, rational arguments.

These debates are never taken personally, no matter how heated they become or how striking the disagreement. Much as an athlete competes for the physical exertion and the spirit of competition itself, ENTPs debate for the sake intellectual stimulation and for the debate itself, and even in overwhelming victory or crushing defeat, it’s never about dominance, only inspiration to try harder next time.

When You Play, Play Hard

They know how to relax and have fun too, it’s just that "fun" to ENTPs – a bottle of wine and a discussion about the causes of and solutions to the European Debt Crisis – could be described as "an evening from hell" by many Observant (S) and Feeling (F) types. But ENTPs are a genial and enthusiastic personality type for the most part, and pretty much any situation that allows for conversation and a little wordplay is an enjoyable outing.

ENTP friends

ENTPs are actually remarkably good at communicating with friends and acquaintances of other personality types. Their natural tendency to argue as effectively as possible means that ENTPs are accustomed to communicating in other people’s language and frame of reference, and this translates well into normal conversation. Where people with the ENTP personality type do have difficulty relating to others is in emotional expression, the Achilles’ heel of all Analyst types.

The Worst Thinking Has Been Done in Turmoil

Being inclined to suppress their emotions and feelings, when ENTPs are faced with a friend who, figuratively or literally, needs a shoulder to cry on, they have no clue how to handle the situation. They are perfectly willing and happy to offer a series of rational, reasonable solutions to the problem at hand, as ENTPs do for any situation where a problem needs to be fixed, but they are certainly not known for their sensitivity or outward affection, no matter how intuitively they may understand another’s position.

Worse is when ENTP personalities try to turn these emotional situations into something they find more comfortable: a debate. Given how remarkably good ENTPs are at debating both sides of a point, they are remarkably bad at putting themselves in someone else’s shoes from an emotional standpoint. ENTPs should avoid at all costs the temptation to turn a discussion about the causes of a friend’s recent breakup into competitive intellectual fodder.

So long as everyone understands not to take their words too personally, anyone who isn’t afraid to discuss new ideas – and have them converted into so much confetti – is likely to find stimulating and thought-provoking friends in ENTPs. It’s not a compatibility that clicks with everyone, but ENTPs don’t really care about being liked by everyone anyways. As long as they get to alternate between being the sounding board and the megaphone, ENTPs and their friends are bound to enjoy each other’s company for a long, long time.

3 years ago
Yes! I remember when I watched a movie with a very big, sad death. I didn't feel much of it, and instead began to critisize the director and writer's methods and explaining to my friends why they didn't do a proper job of establishing a bond with the character so we'd feel bad when he died--all this during the movie. However, my friends were in tears and I was honestly shocked at their reaction. And, apparently, I was insensitive and rude and they were quite ticked off with me for a few hours afterwards. Woops.
Jane Bender
3 years ago
Haha, I'm INFJ, and the same thing happened to me, but during a book. Surprisingly, if it's well-written, I'm the first in tears, but if a book lacks character development, I'm completely put off.
Abby Magness
3 years ago
This is me, except from the time that I was young I've realized how cold this tendancy has made me seem, because language was the only way I knew how to communicate. I consciously fought it. I don't have the slightest idea how to be emotionally supportive, but I absolutely value emotions and have to make a conscious effort to make that obvious. My close friends understand that my words are from my heart, so they know I really do think their emotions are important, but I'm often seen as cold to people who dont know me well. Either that, or I overcompensate and am seen as too sensitive, but that's a fully conscious habit I've built and it's seriously lacking in my nature (although it is there). I see valid logic with true premises as infallible, if it is indeed valid and its premises are actually 100% true, and my whole life stems from that. It is a logical move to try to become more empathetic, based on the true premise that people are valuable, and therefore their emotions matter. The struggle is real but I love who God has made me!
4 years ago
It's all fun and games till someone has an existential crisis then you know they weak and not worth you're time.
3 years ago
Haha, I agree! I try to be kind and considerate but I've just never felt like someone was worth my time when they start saying, "But what is life, really?" I may like debates, but not debates on emotional topics
Erin W.
4 years ago
Personally, I love hugs, but its right about how i am very debative and that i dont know when to be compassionate, but what i do is just give them a hug and some marshmallows and everyone feels better. :D
4 years ago
That explains why I don't have any friends lol
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