Is It Possible to Change Your Personality Type?

Every personality type has its strengths and weaknesses – there is no ideal type just like there are no ideal humans walking on this planet. That being said, it is almost inevitable that at some point in life you will say “I wish I had a different personality”. You may want to become more outgoing, more in tune with your senses, more organized, more resistant to criticism etc. Not surprisingly, one of the most frequent questions people interested in personal development ask is “Can I change my personality type?”

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. According to most personality type theories, the individual’s type is inborn and does not change. However, individuals can develop traits and habits that differ or even directly contradict the description of their type. How does that happen?

Let’s use an example. Imagine that lights in your flat suddenly go off and you are in complete darkness. You may be able to navigate your way to the door, but what senses are you going to use? Touch? Hearing? Smell? It would be anything but vision, your preferred sense. However, as soon as the lights come back on, you will switch back to using vision again as it makes it much easier to navigate around the flat.

The way your personality works is very similar. The environment you are in shapes your personality in a certain way, forcing you to develop traits and habits that might be foreign to your type. For instance, if you are naturally casual and spontaneous (Prospecting), but your work schedule is very structured and your manager is obsessive about schedules, your preferences are likely to change. However, you will probably switch back to being a Prospecting individual as soon as you leave that job. The same rule applies to other traits as well.

We should probably mention one more thing. Sociability is often confused with Extraversion, just like shyness is confused with Introversion – this is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to discussing personality types. While Extraverted individuals naturally find it easier to talk to other people (they gain energy when they do this), there are many shy or solitary people among them. Conversely, Introverted types lose energy when they communicate with others, but you would be able to find many eloquent individuals in that group.

In fact, certain Introverted types (e.g. Advocate or Mediator) are often more sociable than most Extraverted types. In Western societies, Extraverted individuals outnumber Introverted ones by a large margin and consequently most people believe that everyone should strive to be outgoing, confident, have a large circle of friends etc. This is a misguided belief as every personality type is unique and has different strengths – yet this is often the reason behind the “Can I change my personality type?” question.

To conclude, your basic personality type cannot change – however, you can (and should!) change the aspects of your personality that you are unhappy with. By doing this you will strengthen your shadow traits and become a more well-rounded individual, even though your dominant traits will still remain the same. Such a change could be triggered by either the environment you are in or your own will – to each his own.

shyness is my curse !
4 years ago
i am a very shy person , extremely introverted ! Talking to people is like an impossible mission to me, i get stressed a lot ! My voice sinks through the conversation and become bearly hearable because i can't find the right words ! I become uncomfortable making the other person feel the same as well ! I am far from being spontanuous ! And i am NOT happy being like this ! It's like my personality is imposed on me and i have nthg to do about it ! I wish there was a switch off button or a magical way to change my personality ! All the methods i tried worked for a really short period of time and i always end up going back to the same behaviour ! :( wht to do?
4 years ago
Like the text said, you may always be introverted, but you're NOT cursed to be shy forever as you said. I am an INFJ, and I had struggled a lot with shyness as well, specially in my teen years; but I overcame this. I AM still very introverted, I feel drained very fast in parties for instance, but this doesn't mean I'm shy; I can talk easily to anyone nowadays. So, don't feel like you're trapped, if your case is so bad go look up for a psycologist (may be spelled wrong hehe, foreigner) and work on this.
4 years ago
I am an INFP. I really disliked getting those accurate results. To me, being sweet and intuitive are not interesting characteristics. I don't want to solve other peoples problems. I want to solve my own. And honestly, With my Turbulent side, it is difficult. I'd rather be an ISTJ like my husband. He uses facts (maybe to a fault). I have so much trouble thinking factually. I just don't want to FEEL bad. And I do. Because I am a perfectionist, and I keep failing at everything...
That...One Person! Yeah! Me!
4 years ago
Well, I am an ENFJ, and it says that I can start trying to solve people's problems and become so consumed in their problem that I start seeing the problem in me even if it's not there, I think the ENFJ personality type could possibly be uncommon BECAUSE they could be getting wrapped up in other people's problems and trying to change, so they end up changing themselves, or maybe even breaking themselves and falling into deppression. For example, sort of from my own experience, an ENFJ has a close friend with very low self esteem, and the ENFJ tries to help but the friend is quite stubborn, and won't be rational, and the ENFJ maybe eaither breaks because of it or becomes depressed or looses self esteem because of it all or creates the problem but seeing it even when it's not there. But I don't know. It seems to make sense to me, but that's just me. I'm no scientist or anything, just throwing my opinion out there! Thank you for the opportunity too!
4 years ago
I wondered this for a while because I was depressed and did not see anything new to do. I found myself bored all the time and wanted to change that. I found this YouTube channel named Millbeeful and watched his series on a game called katana shoujo, and his personality is great and he made everything seem fun. So overtime I started changing my personality to be more like him because he always seems to have a lot of fun. It has been working for me at high school and overall I actually have become more like him not faking to be like him and honestly I am glad I have tried to change. I would recommend going through his past playlists and watching it especially if you like let's plays of games
Blerd Lady
4 years ago
Over the years I have become a lot more sociable even though I am an INTJ. Just 5 years ago I would have needed thee day's notice if we were to go out dancing on a Saturday night and in spite of that, as soon I'd step in the club, I was ready to go home. And I needed the entire weekend to recharge to face the week. Now you can call me in the afternoon for a night out but it helps that this happens only once or twice every couple of months and I can hang with family all weekend so long as I get home before dinner time on Sunday so that I can decompress. On the other hand I have never had a problem speaking out in public so long as I know what I'm talking about. I took lessons in public speaking when I was in college so for me, it's all preparation and technique unlike others who can freehand a rousing speech from thin air. I will never be a feeler though, when I run into one my Cartesian brain kicks into high gear.
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