Is It Important to Know My Personality Type for Work?

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Is it important to know your personality type for professional reasons? Your personality type affects everything you do, so yes, it’s tied to your work, career, and future. Many employers encourage people to take our personality test, and when it’s done to support positive development, that can be a very good thing. But you can take advantage of our free and premium resources on your own too.

How Does Knowing about My Personality Type Help Me at Work?

Self-awareness is an important step to professional success. If you don’t recognize and understand your weak areas and unhelpful habits, you’re less likely to advance beyond them. That can limit what you accomplish at work, regardless of whether you’re a research scientist, mechanic, server, or full-time parent with a side hustle.

We offer research-based information about personality type tendencies. It opens the door to objective self-awareness, helping you see aspects of yourself that could be improved and how to use your existing strengths even better. That can reduce stress and help you engage in beneficial opportunities, get along with others, and generally do your best work.

We can’t tell you what’s wrong with you professionally – and chances are, nothing is. But understanding your personality type helps you make the most of your professional potential.

What’s a Real-World Example of This?

Consider how the Tactics traits, Judging (J) and Prospecting (P), can affect your work.

Judging personality types do great with well-defined planning and structure, but they may fall into rigid patterns. If you’re Judging, you probably know what I mean – unexpected shifts feel like a problem and may upset more than enthuse you. Understanding that about your personality type, and how it can set you back, you might decide to practice being more flexible. That helps you handle unexpected events with less stress, which in turn helps you retain the sense of stability that helps you succeed.

Prospecting personality types tend to be more comfortable with sudden changes, able to adapt their attention rapidly without much stress. But if you’re Prospecting, you likely struggle with linear boundaries like deadlines and thorough, detailed follow-through. That can cause trouble at work. But knowing that aspect of your personality helps you compensate by consciously focusing your efforts more narrowly when you want or need to meet important goals at work.

“Oh Wow, I Guess I Do Do That.”

No matter where you are on the personality spectrum, you can benefit from better understanding your personality traits in a work context. You’ll see yourself more objectively through the lens of your personality type’s likely tendencies, which helps you spot opportunities for personal growth. Understanding your personality type helps you succeed and prosper.

Where to Go from Here

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