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How to Celebrate Summer, Based on Your Personality Type

Leeza 2 years ago 9 comments

It’s July and countries around the world are celebrating! Whether these celebrations are about independence, unity, or revolutions, there may be several things they have in common: friends, family, good food, games, dancing, and, hopefully, fun.

To celebrate these celebrations, we at 16Personalities want to examine how you’re likely to observe the summer holidays, based on your personality type. Would you rather stay inside with a few close friends, pursue some personal goals, or deck yourself out in national regalia while fireworks explode behind you? Let’s find out!


Architects (INTJ)

Nothing may sound more painful to Architects than being surrounded by a loud crowd of people on a hot summer day. Because of this, they may try their best to avoid events like parades and concerts.

While they may choose to go to crowded events, our research shows that Architects are the most likely of all personality types to plan to only go out for one to two hours tops. If they must go out, then they get to choose when they exit, especially if they’re attending an event as a courtesy. Never ones for tradition for tradition’s sake, Architects would rather spend time with a small group or a single person they enjoy, instead of going to a big party where they’re expected to socialize with strangers.

Logicians (INTP)

Logicians embrace organic opportunism and don’t like celebrating something just because it’s scheduled. They may choose to participate in celebrations because they want their close friends or loved ones to be happy. More often than not, they prefer to tag along with others’ plans. In short, they don’t have a preferred way to celebrate the festivities – but other people do, and Logicians can be happy to join in.

Here’s a fun fact backed by data: Logicians are the least likely of all personality types to host get-togethers at their place. They’d rather have fun in someone else’s home, thank you very much.

Commanders (ENTJ)

Commanders appear to be the odd duck out when it comes to Analysts and celebrations. According to our research, Commanders are the most likely of all personality types to host a family reunion. They want the people in their life together, and they want to celebrate in a way that highlights their action-oriented idealism.

This idealism is evident in how Commanders don’t do anything halfway. While people with this personality work very hard, they also play hard, and they want you to remember their event as the best darn backyard barbecue or party ever. So don’t be surprised when they bust out the biggest fireworks you’ve ever seen.

Debaters (ENTP)

Debaters love a good party. They don’t necessarily like to host it, but they enjoy mingling with the crowd. Their Prospecting personality trait allows them to spot opportunities for more excitement – like spontaneously setting up a bonfire on the beach or convincing their friends to go on a midnight hike.

As much as they want to have fun in the moment, Debaters also want to be able to tell a good story later on. At the next celebration, they’ll want to be able to boast about the time they successfully ate 15 hot dogs on Independence Day on a dare. This devil-may-care attitude may be the reason why, according to our research, Debaters claim that they tell the best stories at parties.


Advocates (INFJ)

Advocates like to partake in summer festivities but in a laid-back manner. They’re not the biggest fans of uncontrollably loud events. In fact, our research shows that they’re the most likely of all personality types to be sensitive to noise. That doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a fireworks display or a marching band – as long as it’s all in moderation.

They also don’t need a glass of wine, beer, or liquor to have fun. Advocates may enjoy a drink, but they don’t believe that alcohol is required to get the party started.

Mediators (INFP)

For summer celebrations, Mediators like the idea of a small get-together with their close friends. Something that’s low-energy would be especially nice, considering that people with this personality type tend to tire more easily than others.

This might be the case because Mediators can be hyperaware of the impact they’re having, both socially and environmentally. Their brains are always working. Mediators may be the first to look for the recycling bin at a party or to bring organic veggie burgers to a barbecue.

Protagonists (ENFJ)

Give Protagonists a dance floor! Our research tells us that they are the personality type most likely to agree that they are good dancers. Turn on some classic throwbacks and watch them go. (Insert flamenco dancer emoji here.)

Along with their dance moves, you can also find Protagonists flitting around the party, camera in hand. These personalities like to look back on memories of times spent with good people and good vibes, and they often commemorate these celebrations with photos or other mementos.

Campaigners (ENFP)

Campaigners live a life full of color, and this charming characteristic is only magnified during the summer holidays. They may be the ones who show up sporting their country’s flag, paint their faces patriotically, or bring themed music to the party.

Additionally, our research finds that Campaigners are the most likely personality types to try a new event at an unfamiliar place (and they’re more than happy to tug reluctant friends along with them). For Campaigners, there’s surely something exciting waiting around the corner this July!


Logisticians (ISTJ)

Logisticians enjoy the summer holidays as a chance to do what they wish. This could be catching up on work, pursuing a personal project, or enjoying solitary time. These personalities would like nothing more on a holiday than to relax in an environment that they’re comfortable in.

If Logisticians do go out, very much like Architects, they will try their best to be polite and congenial, but they’ll also make sure that they’re in control of the time spent out. This is especially important considering that Logisticians generally don’t enjoy surprises, even if they’re for a celebration. They often like to limit their experiences to things that they know. So, no, they would not like to try their sister-in-law’s new mystery meat recipe this summer.

Defenders (ISFJ)

Defenders enjoy being where they’re comfortable – namely their home. For summer holidays, they’d rather stay at their own place or go somewhere familiar and have a nice dinner with people they know well.

Defenders are more comfortable with lending a helping hand rather than receiving help. So during these get-togethers, they’ll help prep meals, listen contently to more talkative types, and find some way to make everyone more comfortable at the party. After a while, however, these Introverted personalities may need to sneak away to a quiet place and enjoy their own company. Just for a few minutes!

Executives (ESTJ)

Executives, along with Commanders, are the most likely personalities to host get-togethers like a family reunion. This is unsurprising considering that Executives like to assume responsibility – our research also shows that they’re the most likely to say they enjoy being in the lead and having control.

Order and routine are Executives’ bread and butter, and they’ll make sure that the event goes according to plan. But it’s not just about organizing for this personality type – they’re likely to use the holidays to catch up with family members and friends. Although they’re not overly sentimental themselves, they’ll have fun knowing that their efforts have made others happy.

Consuls (ESFJ)

Consuls aren’t considered the hosts and hostesses of the personality types for nothing. During large summer celebrations, they go above and beyond to make things fun, take care of guests’ needs, and do their best to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

Consuls’ favorite type of guests are the familial kind – they genuinely love having their kin around. Of all the personality types, Consuls are the most likely to maintain good relationships with their family, and they would describe themselves as very close to most of their family members.


Virtuosos (ISTP)

Virtuosos see the summer holidays as an opportunity to do whatever they like, free of pesky obligations. They don’t want to have a social calendar full of parties and parades and would rather not take part in traditions (especially if they feel pressured into it).

One of the best things that Virtuoso personalities can do for themselves during the holidays is be around their close friends and enjoy something that they personally consider relaxing. Gaming tournament, anyone?

Adventurers (ISFP)

During summer celebrations, Adventurers like to go with the flow. Of all the personality types, they’re the most likely to do what other people around them are doing, a testament to their flexible, easy-going nature.

At a gathering with a lot of people, Adventurers are likely to fall back and allow others to do the talking. That’s not to say that they’re not paying attention. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Adventurers are likely observing everything – people, food, decorations – and waiting for others to engage them in conversation. When they’re not talking, Adventurers like to simply relax.

Entrepreneurs (ESTP)

Entrepreneurs don’t want to just see something, they want to participate in it! During summer holidays, this could mean anything from going on an outdoor adventure trip to playing a game of football, soccer, baseball, or cricket with friends or yard games with family. These personalities may also be the ones to launch the fireworks.

Entrepreneurs want things to be active and frown at the idea of standing around and talking for hours on end. Give them action and they’ll be fine.

Entertainers (ESFP)

Entertainers live up to their name during summer celebrations. They show up to have a good time! Fun-loving and forever in the moment, Entertainers can be trusted to get the party started. Some options include belting out a beautiful karaoke ballad or getting the entire group to begin a lively yard game. Entertainers want to be involved, deeply immersed in the sensations of an event, but they also want others to feel involved too.

Entertainers aren’t always the best planners, and they have no problem with that. This personality type can spot an exciting and thrilling opportunity from a mile away. No need to limit themselves!


For more thoughts about how to approach the holidays in any season, check out some of our related articles: Handling the Holidays, We Love to Give Gifts, and A Halloween Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. And if you’re an American, consider sharing your thoughts in our Independence Day survey. No matter where you are in the world, we hope you take the time to enjoy the seasonal festivities of your country!

How do you feel about these suggestions? Have you found other ways of celebrating summer that work for your personality type?

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