ENTP in the workplace

ENTP personalities tend to be quick-witted and knowledgeable – these traits usually make them both popular and efficient in the workplace. However, they may also get into trouble for arguing over anything and everything, or have difficulties focusing on one specific project.

ENTP Colleagues

  • Very argumentative
  • Excellent brainstormers
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Attract new friendships quite easily
  • Honest, direct, and objective
  • Usually very knowledgeable
  • May be insensitive and condescending

ENTP Managers

  • Able to accurately and objectively assess conflicting arguments
  • Very good at holding ground in a rational debate, which usually makes them fearsome advocates for their teams
  • Enjoy coming up with innovative ways to deal with challenges, but dislike managing the actual implementation
  • Do not care much about being liked—would rather be respected and seen as smart
  • Open-minded and flexible
  • May jump from project to project, looking for challenges and excitement

ENTP Subordinates

  • Comfortable challenging their manager’s ideas
  • Curious and able to learn new methods very quickly
  • Strongly dislike restrictive rules and guidelines
  • Prefer tackling complex challenges over dealing with simple routine tasks
  • Do not mind being criticized, as long as all arguments are rational
  • May have difficulties with practical or monotonous tasks
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Jul 03, 2014 22:09:07
This is me coming and going. It drives me nuts to be in a meeting where both sides of an issue are not argued before a decision is made. I worked with a lot of "F" personalities who would vote for the first suggestion made then ten minutes later would be complaining about it in the hall! Arrgh!
May 06, 2014 09:42:26
i am in absolute shock at this.. i was a consultant before and currently in strategy( i design processes , root causes analysis and strategic directions for my organisation). this is absolutely me.. i cant live without a brainstorm session :) ,
the relationship part is quite interesting as im quite exploratory, never understood why.. and get bored extremely easily on all fronts, which i guess is in-line with the enjoyment of moving from project to project.
im a budding politico.. now i know why.. oh, wine and a good debate, is what my weekends are made off...
Gabriela Guimarães
Mar 23, 2014 02:56:58
Spot on! Great details.
Lynnette Pope
Feb 21, 2014 22:52:10
100% Wow! I work in the legal field and everything the results said were spot on!!
Walter brown
Dec 26, 2013 19:29:25
Wow explains why I get bored when I'm not challenged. And I realized I don't care if I'm liked as long as I'm respected I'm happy, good thing I'm both lol. I work for non-profit and all my projects are spontaneous and improvised. I thought it was just me but there are more people like this woot woot!!!