ENFJ strengths and weaknesses

ENFJ strengths

  • Very charismatic. ENFJ personalities are charming and popular. They instinctively know how to attract and keep people’s attention, as well as communicate with them effectively.
  • Altruistic. ENFJs are warm and selfless, always willing to help other people. They are idealists, motivated by the idea of doing something good for the world.
  • Skilled imitators. ENFJs find it very easy to notice what drives, motivates, and worries other people, and they are instinctively able to adjust their own manners and arguments accordingly.
  • Natural leaders. ENFJ personalities do not seek to dominate or direct, but people are attracted to their charisma and eloquence. Not surprisingly, ENFJs usually end up being very popular and rarely have any difficulties getting to leadership positions.
  • Tolerant. People with this personality type tend to be open-minded and accepting, willing to consider competing ideas as long as they do not contradict their inner principles. ENFJs can easily get along with most other types.
  • Reliable. ENFJs work hard for causes they consider important. If their role excites and motivates them, an ENFJ can be very patient and reliable.

ENFJ weaknesses

  • Sometimes too selfless. ENFJs may often take on too much work or get deeply involved in other people’s problems, trying too hard to not offend or disappoint anybody.
  • Very idealistic. People with this personality type can often be too idealistic or even naïve, believing that everyone is good-natured and cares about principles that are important to the ENFJ.
  • Often too sensitive. Deep down, ENFJs are sensitive and emotional individuals who can get hurt and disappointed very easily. They may also worry too much about other people’s feelings and well-being.
  • Vulnerable to criticism. ENFJ personalities have a strong inner core of principles and values, and they can get very hurt if someone criticizes them. ENFJs may also have difficulties reacting calmly to general criticism and negativity.
  • May find it difficult to make tough decisions. Due to their altruism and sensitivity, ENFJs are likely to struggle with decisions involving hard choices. They may waver between different options, unable to stop thinking about all the possible consequences.
  • Highly fluctuating self-esteem. An ENFJ’s self-esteem depends on whether they are able to live up to their ideals and fulfill their goals, while at the same time making sure that everyone around them is happy. If the ENFJ’s ideas are being constantly criticized or they are unable to help people close to them, their self-confidence is likely to plummet.

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26 Responses to “ENFJ strengths and weaknesses”

  1. David Keat Reply

    Well I had my doubts but having completed the test honestly and directly I turned out to be ENFJ and one of the just 2%. I have ordered the full 60+ pages as it is so accurate I wish to focus on all aspects and see if I cannot finish my life on a High as I have entered the last quarter with turning a positive 60.
    I know I have made a difference to a lot of lives over the past and will do in the future on a positive note and I am and will remain a friend and confidant to all who require it.
    One happy chappy here have had my personality verified and confirmed as I personally had always felt of myself. :-)

  2. Sara Reply

    “If the ENFJ’s ideas are being constantly criticized or they are unable to help people close to them, their self-confidence is likely to plummet.” I think this is the most accurate thing I’ve read until now.

  3. Lisa Reply

    I agree with all of these points. As I get older, however, I rarely have trouble making decisions, anymore. I am an ENFJ but my T function is very well developed and I have learned to trust my intuition when it is in harmony with my paradigm and life’s vision. When I was younger, I was often trying to find my path. Too many options appealed to me. I still am drawn to many, many things but, by focusing on the path that I now know is right for me, I am able to discard things that I would like to experience, knowing that I will have more energy and time for things that matter even more. I am better able to accept that many life experiences I will only know vicariously and I am at peace with that.

  4. Vanessa Reply

    For some time I had been fluctuating between ENFP and ENFJ, but oh my lord I know for sure I am an ENFJ for sure, lol.

  5. Christabel Tan Reply

    Wow…this is super accurate, describes me perfectly without a fault.

  6. ARUN PAHWA Reply

    as Christie mentions-it is eerie. unbelievably true and a good reflection of one’s personality. glad to meet you all. and to know my self better. feeling good.

  7. wilbert Reply

    If the ENFJ’s ideas are being constantly criticized or they are unable to help people close to them, their self-confidence is likely to plummet.
    this is so true!!!!!!

  8. Vijaya lakshmi R Reply

    Omg this is so true, god i got to learn so much about myself through this, thank you so much