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Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
I have never felt more in touch with myself than reading what makes me tick in this profile. After reading my full profile it was like I found myself all over again. I understand myself so much now, and have discovered b... (read more)
Dave G
Adventurer (ISFP, -A/-T)
I have participated in several personality profiling methods and this is my most favorite. I very much enjoyed the insights I learned from this profile. The information is much more clear and comprehensive, as compared t... (read more)
Emma C
Protagonist (ENFJ, -A/-T)
I've just read my profile and honestly, it's so 'me' as to be a bit spooky. It's an incredibly useful tool for personal development...and as for helping me handle my relationships at work, it'll be invaluable. Thanks so ... (read more)
Theresa H.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
Personality profiles are very useful not only in careers but your personal life as well. Many people are in a career that is neither enjoyable or suitable. This would apply to their personal relationships and could alle... (read more)
Defender (ISFJ, -A/-T)
It’s so freeing to see words put to traits I’ve tried to understand for years. It makes understanding others just as helpful, too. Being able to harness my strengths has been a great step forward. On the other hand, ... (read more)
Logician (INTP, -A/-T)
Naturally skeptical yet having heard of these personality acronyms from several sources I decided to give it a shot to prove to myself it was going to be loose and trivial, boy was I ever surprised. Considering how relat... (read more)
Architect (INTJ, -A/-T)
This explains why I never cared to have a LOT of friends, but just a few loyal ones. And I could never have a meaningful romantic relationship with someone unless it "made sense." Having this information really helps m... (read more)
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
The timing of this profile opportunity couldn't be better. I am soul searching for my most effective type of career to help others and provide a sense of meaning to my life and voila... I do the free profile and find tha... (read more)
Architect (INTJ, -A/-T)
The search is over. Since I was a kid I've been trying to understand why I feel from other planet. The answer is here. Thank you for these revelations. I'm ready to open new doors and new possibilities.
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
Very interesting read. Freakishly accurate! I find it useful to help me make decisions about my future and navigate the present.
Protagonist (ENFJ, -A/-T)
I have been blown away with how accurately this describes me (all my qualities) good and not so good. This has helped me understand myself better and find ways to create better harmony with my explorer man. Thank you I w... (read more)
Commander (ENTJ, -A/-T)
The 16Personalities profile proved to be incredibly accurate. Getting my friends to do the test has been very helpful in understanding how to interact with them better and be considerate - something that does not come na... (read more)

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