Gain a deeper understanding of every personality type

Access Personal Growth, Career, and Relationships Guides for all personality types and 30+ Specialized Tests.

16Personalities Pro Suite


Help yourself and others understand key challenges – and hidden strengths.

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Comprehensive insights to help you transform lives

Do you wish you had not only a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to others – but also insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of all personality types?

Our 16Personalities Pro Suite puts that power in your hands, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve greater success in all areas of life – and help others do the same.

What you’ll get:

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All 16 Premium Personal Growth Guides

Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of all 16 personality types.

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All 16 Premium Career Guides

Understand how each type defines professional fulfillment and success.

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All 16 Premium Relationships Guides

See how each personality type can enhance relationships of all kinds.

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All 30+ Specialized Tests

Explore how personality affects various aspects of your life, from emotional intelligence to job preferences and more.

All Guides and Tests are based on our research-backed personality model that incorporates the latest advances in psychometric research.

Designed for individuals and professionals alike

The 16Personalities Pro Suite is perfect for anyone who is looking to gain an intricate understanding of how everyone around them operates.

  • Curious individuals — Learn about yourself and others
  • Therapists — Share a framework for self-understanding
  • Counselors — Guide others into their strengths
  • Coaches — Motivate every mindset
  • Human resources professionals — Understand conflicting perspectives
  • Managers and team leaders — Align your team’s values
  • Educators — Help students form a healthy identity
  • Authors — Enrich characters with realistic agency
  • Couples — Deepen your love and other relationships

What can the Pro Suite do for you?

Use our Premium Suites to help everyone harness the power of their personality.

  • Grow as a Person

    Identify areas of your life where you could focus on personal development.

  • Guide Your Career

    Find careers aligned with your unique strengths and interests.

  • Improve Relationships

    Understand and appreciate personality differences in others.

  • Identify Thought Patterns

    Gain new insight into behaviors or thoughts that may be causing discomfort.

  • Increase Motivation

    Identify and pursue goals aligned with your values and passions.

  • Enhance Communication

    Communicate more effectively with others by understanding their personality.

  • Boost Mental Health Awareness

    Better understand and accept yourself for who you intrinsically are.

  • Expand Self-Awareness

    Increase awareness of yourself, your motivations, and your behaviors.

  • Build Resilience

    Become more adept at navigating and managing conflicts and challenges.

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Are you ready to empower yourself and others?

16Personalities Pro Suite


Help yourself and others understand key challenges – and hidden strengths.

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