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I loved the premium profile! It's wonderful to not only have a VERY accurate breakdown of my personality type, but to also get tips in the areas of my life. The premium profile was hugely helpful!
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
Very high level of detail, worth every penny. I particularly like the methods used to explain interactions with other personality types, as well the progressions through schooling and career. You could possibly add a sec... (see more)
Defender (ISFJ, -A/-T)
I enjoyed reading my profile and was astonished how much I resemble the personality described here. Learned a lot, thanks!
Protagonist (ENFJ, -A/-T)
"Know thyself", indeed. Especially for INFP's, it seems, and other types who enjoy learning just for learning sakes. The premium profile is put together in very friendly and comprehensive way, helping us locate the dots.... (see more)
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
Reading my profile gave me the knowledge that I needed to make a decision on how to handle a current challenge in my life. I wasn't sure what to do and my profile was a great guide to help me make a better decision. What... (see more)
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
After reading about myself I was even more curious about the people closest to me. So I bought the profile of my significant other in hopes of understanding her more. I obviously asked her permission first and shared the... (see more)
Adventurer (ISFP, -A/-T)
This profile (premium) was exhaustive but necessary, as I feel I'm at a turning point in my life and needed some fresh insight. I can certainly use it as a road map for my future endeavors!
Logician (INTP, -A/-T)
I am amazed at how accurate this profile is. I feel like I am finally understood. I would highly recommend this test for anyone that wants to understand their family, friends, and coworkers better. I can already see how ... (see more)
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
It really helps me to better understand myself and others. I believe I would benefit my personality at the most once I've understood my own strengths and weaknesses.
Defender (ISFJ, -A/-T)
This test and the premium profile really helped me understand myself better. As an INFP, it's hard to find the perfect match and 16Personalities gave me lot of information to getting to know many things.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
This profile was great and really allowed me to assess my strengths and weaknesses from many different angles. Thanks!
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
The free description was spot-on! I was even more surprised with the level of detail in the premium version. This definitely satisfies a long-growing curiosity in me.
Maurice R.
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)

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