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The personality assessment was spot-on! It nailed my strengths and faults to a T. It was so good that my wife took one for herself and, surprise, it was correct as well.
Protagonist (ENFJ, -A/-T)
I really enjoyed learning more about my personality type. It helped me understand some traits better and identify other traits that I didn’t pay attention to before.
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
I am autistic. I found this personality profile very much the same in May 2017, as it is this day in October 2018. I am still a Logistician, with very little variant. I am still dating a mathematician. I am curious as to... (see more)
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
Your profile matched me 100%! I’m amazed and at the same time thankful. Thanks for doing all the hard work to make this Academy for us!
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
I found this information REALLY useful, not only about and for myself but also for some friends, partner, etc. It helped me to know better how my brain works and why I am this way.
Defender (ISFJ, -A/-T)
Wow! This site is just AMAZING! I took the test and the results were so spot on, I felt like I had been vindicated. Like someone finally gets me and I'm not a weirdo. I appreciate the thorough research that these guys ha... (see more)
Architect (INTJ, -A/-T)
This information has been so insightful and validating for me as an individual. For so long I have interrogated myself asking these questions yet always finding only abstract truths (so typical for my personality!) and t... (see more)
Taking the personality test and learning from my profile has been a game changer. I am looking forward to looking at my wife's so we can improve our relationship and our family life.
It is awesome to read something that describes you so well... and knowing you are not a weirdo! I did not expect a profile so accurate with many of the things I always thought about my personality.
Your service is deeply appreciated and a real personal adventure in self discovery. Being a Protagonist there isn't many people who understand my nature, and when I read the results I was stunned at how you described my ... (see more)
The PDF helped me understand and compare! I feel like I know myself better now. I feel better equipped and informed.
This premium profile uncovered the mystery aspects within myself. For a long time I've been questioning myself why I'm like this or like that, things I can't explain. The answers to all my questions are revealed in this ... (see more)

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