Tactics: Judging vs. Prospecting

The Tactics scale determines how we approach planning and available options. However, this affects more than just our calendars – at its core, this scale determines our attitude toward certainty and structure in our lives, both at mental and physical levels.

People with the Judging (J) trait do not like to keep their options open – they would rather come up with five different contingency plans than just go ahead and deal with the challenges as they come. They prefer clarity and closure, always going with the plan rather than the flow. It is as if Judging types always keep a mental checklist, and when something is crossed off that list, it is done and not open to reassessment. This goes as much for groceries (“What will that go with?”) as it does for life goals, like buying a house.

Furthermore, Judging individuals tend to have a very strong work ethic, putting their duties and responsibilities above everything else. Our research also indicates that Judging types are much stricter when it comes to law and order. Of course, this does not mean that the other group are lawbreakers, but if you see someone walk for five minutes so that they could get to the other side of the street using a crosswalk, they are much more likely to be a Judging type.

In contrast, Prospecting (P) individuals are much more flexible and relaxed when it comes to dealing with both expected and unexpected challenges. They are always scanning for opportunities and options, willing to jump at them at a moment’s notice. People with this trait are perfectly aware that life is full of possibilities, and they are reluctant to commit to something that might well prove to be an inferior option in the future.

Prospecting personality types are also likely to focus more on what makes them happy as opposed to what their parents, employers, or teachers expect – if a specific task is not that important or interesting, a Prospecting individual will always be able to come up with something better to do.

10 months ago
It's weird because i got Prospecting, and I tend to procrastinate and I'm really disorganised, but once I've made up my mind it's very hard to change my mind and I am the sort of person who would walk for 5 minutes to cross at a crossing.
7 months ago
Prospecting and procrastinate is correlated... Prospecting tend to choose the fun way, the interesting way, so you might prostpone something because you dont like it, or it is not intresting to you
11 months ago
I'd say I'm a Prospector, but I'm a Judger in my spare time. Usually I hate rules and requirements (just give me freeeedooom!!), but I find that having order and coherence is quite satisfying to me. I don't NEED it, but it makes me feel fuzzy.
11 months ago
I am 100% Prospecting lol I dont like planning and I only know what Im doing on that day because I dont care what Im doing
11 months ago
hey doesn't the Adventurer in the picture look like she's saying "heyy doesn't this shirt make me look like a Sentinel?!" and the Debater is saying "haha nahhhhh..."
1 year ago
I'm almost exactly split half in this area-- 52% judging and 48% prospecting. I guess I'm adaptable?
7 months ago
So do i
5 months ago
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