Intuitive Personality Types: Adulting Superpowers and Projects

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Many Intuitive people have this beautiful ability to get caught up in the big picture while missing that which is right in front of them. That doesn’t happen all the time, and some Intuitive people are great with facts and details. But it can sometimes be easy to get them off track, if you can come up with some larger and more interesting things that stoke their imaginations. And many Intuitive people do that to themselves all the time. Occasionally, the mundane nature of adulting in real time may not stand a chance against the exciting things in their heads.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with having an Intuitive personality type and how they relate to adulting. But before we start, if you don’t know whether you’re Intuitive or not, follow this link to our free personality test to find out.

The Adulting Superpowers of Intuitive Personality Types

These will make things easier for adulting Intuitive personality types.

“I Can Picture Myself Being Something Different”

The fertile imaginations of Intuitive personalities can give them a vision of where they are going in life. They may envision adult life in ways that motivate them in their efforts to achieve it. That is not a gift that Intuitive people alone possess. But it tends to be something that they specialize in.

A vision is often the Intuitive version of a goal or objective. Intuitive individuals, casting their thoughts into the future, can give themselves a clear target to shoot for. Here, the target would be living an independent and responsible adult life. Each individual adult activity that they participate in is justified by the overarching vision and brings them closer to that objective.

Choices and the Power of Imagination

Resistance to conformity may make it hard for some young adults to do adult things in just the way their parents did them. Intuitive personality types may feel this more than Observant types do. But whether they do or not, Intuitive people also have a built-in mechanism for dealing with such resistance – their fertile imaginations, again. Personality types with this trait may find it easier to picture alternative choices.

For example, society may push the idea that buying a lot of stuff is a sign of living the good life. But these freshly minted, Intuitive adults may decide that a choice is possible and that a happy life is better achieved through, maybe, a minimalist approach. Intuitive people are likely to envision different scenarios that keep adulting more exciting and, more importantly, meaningful. They might even attach a larger purpose to a more mundane adulting task. Yes. Doing the dishes can be a meditative act.

Potential Adulting Projects for Intuitive Personality Types

Nobody is perfect. Everybody needs to pay attention to the obstacles in their lives and maybe even turn some into projects for improvement.

Too Many Choices?

We talked about the power of the Intuitive imagination above. But there is another side to it. If the adulting task offers too many choices, an Intuitive personality is likely to imagine the good and the bad in dozens of scenarios. This can be paralyzing, depending on the task and the Intuitive person. This is not a problem for most everyday adulting activities. Still, something like deciding on a specific financial plan that leads to a happy retirement can be daunting. Decision paralysis is a real thing and can lead to frustration and unhappiness.

Give yourself time (with a firm deadline) for deciding important matters. Be as generous in creating your timeline as you can be without slipping into procrastination instead of careful pacing. That way, you won’t feel forced to choose one thing too quickly. That kind of pressure is often where mistakes are made. If you can’t decide on a single option from among 15, try to list the top three options, and don’t look back at the other 12. That will make your choices more manageable. Find some way to bring a flood of options under control.

Adulting Can Be So Dull

Similarly, Intuitive personalities often host fascinating things to do in their minds. Consider this choice: sending the bills out on your monthly “bill night,” a task that is always the same, or going to the open-mic night filled with fresh stories at your favorite coffee bar. The bills will be there when you get back, and you always laugh so hard when you listen to the storytellers. And don’t you deserve to have your imagination massaged? It’s been a tedious week.

There’s something very responsible about saying, “No. I made a commitment to myself to do (whatever the task).” Self-discipline is a big part of adulting. Learning to gently reject or postpone the exciting options your mind dreams up can lead to a lot of satisfaction. One way to neutralize distractions is to keep a list of them on the side while you’re doing the less exciting task. Any time one pops into your head, write it down, and promise yourself you’ll consider it when all the adulting for the day is finished.

Final Thoughts

It would be great if the inclinations produced by our personality traits brought us only happiness. But they usually bring us a mixed bag of good and bad possibilities. When adulting, it’s crucial to figure out how your traits’ strengths work for you and how your traits’ weaknesses might be compensated for. Not all adulting will exercise your Intuitive desire to seek out something interesting. But you’re also in touch with your life’s big picture, and larger goals can give purpose and meaning to even the most mundane task.

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