7 Random Ways Advocates (INFJs) Are the Most Extreme Personality Type

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Our research generates a lot of data about how different personality types think, feel, and behave. We use that information to build thought-provoking, actionable resources ranging from our free articles and personality profiles all the way up to our Premium Profiles and members’ Academy.

But sometimes, data is interesting on its own. Like how the highest numbers kind of stand out, because, you know…they’re the highest. So, in lighthearted, did-you-know fashion, we thought we’d share a few times that Advocate (INFJ) personality types were the “top type” in response to a survey item.

Don’t take these responses too seriously, though. They may be only a few percentage points above some other types and don’t necessarily indicate unique or problematic behavior. (We’ll show the overall average agreement rates for reference.)

But highest is highest, and that’s interesting, right? So, let’s head for rarified air by scaling a few Advocate data peaks:

  1. 91% of Advocates said they constantly have a nagging feeling about all the things they need to do. (Average agreement was 76%.)
      Lots of people can probably relate to this one, especially if they have a Turbulent Identity. Apparently, Advocates’ combination of traits makes them especially likely to feel this way. But hey, don’t be so hard on yourself about all those things you’re supposed to do.
    • 78% of Advocates said they always go through the entire menu before deciding what to order. (Average agreement was 69%.)
        Does this sound like you? Are you an Advocate? Do you even know your personality type? (If you haven’t taken our free test and read through the free profile for your type, the answer, sadly, is no.) Seriously though, thoroughness is one thing, but the rest of us would like to order, please.
      • 84% of Advocates said they feel upset if they catch themselves having bad thoughts or impulses. (Average agreement was 66%.)
          Of course, that doesn’t tell us what exactly qualifies them as “bad.” But with their empathetic sense of right and wrong, it’s no wonder that these caring personality types feel a little stressed by their own darker side. We suggest a dual remedy of self-acceptance and ice cream.
        • 86% of Advocates said they always reread an email after sending it. (Average agreement was 72%.)
            It sounds like a risky habit, albeit one that most people might do. Hopefully, most Advocates feel a warm glow of reassurance from such double-checking…rather than the stinging pain of a facepalm. OMG, did I really write that?
          • 76% of Advocates said they’re emotionally attached to their possessions. (Average agreement was 64%.)
              We assume that this means a favorite shirt more than a dish sponge, but hey, we’re not judging. There’s nothing wrong with being sentimental…if you don’t take it too far. We’ve got our eye on those sponges, Advocates; don’t make us check under your kitchen sink.
            • 79% of Advocates said they often stay awake at night thinking about things that upset them during the day. (Average agreement was 59%.)
                Insomnia is no joke, so if you’re an Advocate lying awake right now agonizing over that sponge you threw away earlier, seek help. (Apparently, we will joke about it, after all.) Seriously though, we sympathize. Everything we’ve mentioned so far can be fodder for late-night worrying. Especially the menu thing. Did you order right? What did you miss out on?
              • 87% of Advocates said they are deeply affected by natural beauty, like blooming flowers. (Average agreement was 69%.)
                  Sometimes being more on the extreme end of things also means letting in a little more of life’s beauty than most people do. Advocate personalities get a special taste of sweetness from what their senses can drink in. No one knows better than Advocates that life is full of deep meaning, but would a naturally beautiful gift be a good reminder? Yes – that’s us telling you to give an Advocate a flowering plant.

                Final Thoughts

                These are just a few quirky data points, not to be confused with deeper insights that highlight notable tendencies of a particular personality type. Indeed, Advocates had plenty of company (and a few near neighbors) in response to the above survey items.

                Still, it’s kind of fun to see a few places where they were on top, right?

                When do you think your personality type is a bit “extra”? Let us know in the comments below!

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