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16 Personality Types Walk into a Pub...

Kyle 5 months ago 57 comments

According to Wikipedia, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national holiday. That means it’s observed by many vastly different types of people. And we here at 16Personalities specialize in helping you understand all personality types, including your own.

But let’s relax the personality type research for a moment in favor of lightheartedness. After all, for many of us St. Patrick’s Day means cheerful times spent with friends. And many of us will find ourselves at a watering hole that, if not an Irish pub, is certainly putting on “Eirs”. Or at least, putting green dye into light beer.

So just as a group of friends can contain many personality types, we thought it would be fun to imagine how a group with all the personality types might be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day... and what they might toast with:

☘️ Protagonist: Thinks St. Patrick’s Day has been corrupted by beer companies and should be respected as an authentic cultural holiday with spiritual roots. Protests by sticking to local craft brews that donate to charity.

☘️ Campaigner: Enthusiastically tells the Protagonist (and anyone who will listen) that modern celebratory practices can be embraced not just as a means of celebrating the original holiday, but as a celebration of celebration itself. Celebrates by buying rounds for the table.

☘️ Advocate: Really admires what both the Campaigner and Protagonist are saying but wishes they would get along better. Drinks half Harp/half Guinness to symbolize unity.

☘️ Mediator: “Do you have gluten-free whiskey? What about any probiotic, vinegar-based cocktails? Never mind, I’ll just have a cup of tea. And some garlic cheddar fries... oh, and a margarita!”

☘️ Commander: Lets the bartender know they’re disappointed because an Irish bar should have Redbreast 25. Explains why superior things are superior. “Settles” for Guinness Extra Stout because Draught “is for wimps”.

☘️ Debater: Insists on talking sports with strangers, especially citing barbed stats to fans of rival football clubs. Drinks Irish coffee “for energy.”

☘️ Architect: Looks over the entire menu in detail and precisely calculates the most cost-effective drinks. Orders their own pitcher because it’s more efficient than waiting for the server for each drink; “just one glass, please.”

☘️ Logician: Seeking an authentic Irish drink, decides to try Bushmills. Researches. Realizes it’s owned by a Mexican company. Decides to try Jameson. Realizes it’s owned by the French. Decides to try Tullamore. Realizes it’s owned by Scots. “This is stupid.”

☘️ Executive: Has already calculated tip percentages, rideshare pricing, and local hotel rates for everyone. Booked the table for the group to begin with. Drinks Guinness because it’s St. Patrick’s Day... and on special.

☘️ Consul: Circulates and makes sure everyone is having a good time, but not too good, because “we have to go to work tomorrow.” Drinks a grasshopper because it’s yummy and green.

☘️ Logistician: Makes sure to remind everyone about the health risks of alcohol consumption. Enjoys the same drink they would order any other day, “because the calendar doesn’t change the taste.”

☘️ Defender: Sticks to coffee so they can give rides home to anyone who might drink a little too much. With just a touch of Bailey’s in it, because “it’s St. Patrick’s Day” and they’re feeling wild.

☘️ Entrepreneur: Drinks whatever’s expensive. Makes friends with the bartender. Gets free drinks. Makes friends with strangers. Gets lunch meetings. Is just there to “unwind” but hardly spends a moment at their own table.

☘️ Entertainer: Singing karaoke in Gaelic? Challenge accepted. Duets with stranger, falls in love briefly. Constantly buys green Jello-shots for everyone. Actively embraces shamrock theme in every possible way.

☘️ Virtuoso: Is quietly dominating a pool table against all comers. Doesn’t mind the glares of others. Drinks rum and Coke because “I’m not into St. Patrick’s Day, I just came to play.”

☘️ Adventurer: Just enjoys being at a table full of friends. Can’t decide what to drink, so keeps ordering whatever anyone recommends. Gives away half their drinks after the first sip; “yuck.”

OK, we’re just poking a little gentle fun at the personality types – don’t take it too seriously. But, if you know someone who resembles one of the above characters, you know what to do: share this article with them!

We’d also love to hear your humorous (and respectful) versions of how the types might behave during a cheerful St. Patrick’s Day outing. Heck, we’d love to hear what your personality type and St. Patrick’s Day plans are, too. And if you drink, what tickles your fancy on this holiday? Let us know all the things in the comments below.

Whatever you do, we hope you have a safe and joyful St. Patrick’s Day. Cheers!

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