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16 Personality Types Walk into a Bar...becue

Kyle 3 months ago 35 comments

While some personality types may be more social than others, every culture embraces some form of communal outdoor cookery. It satisfies the soul – especially when the weather is nice. Maybe that’s why summer holidays are often marked by these kinds of backyard gatherings.

Such events often blend together people from more than one social group, and often, they’re invited to bring a dish to share. This can lead to some culinary contrasts as interesting as the personality types of those involved.

Of course, people’s individual food preferences may have nothing to do with their personality type, but why they bring a particular dish might relate to their traits.

So, in honor of summer holidays (and with absolutely no research data in mind and our tongues firmly in our cheeks), let’s see what each personality type might bring to a backyard BBQ... and why.


What: nothing, initially. Arrives, ascertains what items are needed but have been overlooked or forgotten by others, and promptly leaves to get them.

Why: because using problem-solving skills to contribute to the success of an event and getting out of that same event for a while is a near-perfect plan.


What: self-invented Vinho Verde wine spritzer with lemongrass-infused simple syrup and muddled lime.

Why: because to Logician personalities, experimentation is life. Also decided to host the party as a deliberate attempt at social self-development, per an exercise they read in the 16Personalities Academy. Quickly regrets experimentally inviting 15 people over.


What: lots of high-quality meat.

Why: because they think they’re the most qualified to do the grilling and want to make sure that everything is done correctly – especially the strip steaks. Stays focused at the grill the entire time, like it’s brain surgery.


What: sheet cake with a clever, humorous joke written in frosting.

Why: because everyone likes cake and humor. Shows up late, but blames the bakery. Cheerfully and lengthily discusses how cake is superior to pie. Gives grilling advice to the Commander.


What: beef roast painstakingly slow-cooked for 31 hours in a sous vide water bath and then finished off with a careful, brief sear on the grill.

Why: because nothing’s too good for friends and family, and over-the-top culinary efforts aren’t smug when they’re marinated in generosity.


What: Thai noodle salad with colorful vegetables and fruits arranged like a stunning, edible mandala – so beautiful that people are hesitant to touch it.

Why: because they enjoy expressing their artistic side in a delicious medium, offering people a treat for their eyes and palate. Quietly starts stressing out that people aren’t immediately eating it.


What: roasted stuffed portabella mushrooms with varied delectable fillings, plus garlic-herb mixed baby potato and veggie kebabs.

Why: because they think everyone deserves great food at a cookout, including some vegetarian options. Feels excited to try other people’s dishes and share their own.


What: the hot new plant-based burgers.

Why: because they get a kick out of watching people try them without knowing they’re meatless, then doing a “gotcha” reveal. Brings their own hibachi too, since the Commander always takes over the grill.


What: potato salad, plain corn chips, plain pita chips, and vanilla ice cream.

Why: because these innocuous yet worthy staples are their part of a plan that was coordinated and confirmed two weeks in advance. Believes the basics are the most important part.


What: macaroni and cheese and baked beans.

Why: because they’re tasty favorites, and if someone doesn’t like one, they’ll probably like the other. Wants to make sure that everyone gets something they like and to keep everything smooth and pleasant.


What: impeccable homemade fruit pies.

Why: because they think extraordinary execution of something mundane is greater than mundane execution of something extraordinary. Ignores the Debater’s contentious cake-centric credo because the cake is store-bought. Instructed the Logistician to bring the ice cream to go with the pie and is satisfied that the plan went well.


What: deviled eggs, cheese and veggie platter, hummus, salsa, guacamole, ranch dip, green salad with vinaigrette, and fruit salad – all homemade.

Why: because people like snacking on lighter foods, and it’s sensible to make it all by hand – better quality, lower cost. Coordinated in advance with the Logistician to ensure that they’d have the correct kinds of chips for the various dips.


What: a case of beer and several large bags of potato chips.

Why: because beer and chips were easy to pick up on the way over. Why overcomplicate things? Thinks it’s funny that the Consul seems annoyed by having potato chips dipped in their homemade salsa.


What: caprese salad and grilled parmesan crostini.

Why: because they saw a recipe and wanted to try it. Is aware of the Campaigner’s meatless burger prank and excited to try them.


What: smoked barbecued ribs.

Why: because mastering a dish like ribs is a way to show off their skills. Extols the virtues of their top-of-the-line pellet grill to everyone and asserts that the cost (which they manage to mention) was well worth it.


What: artisan hot dogs with countless topping options.

Why: because they think life should be like an avant-garde food truck, and only everything is enough. Pineapple, kimchi, kalamata tapenade, smoked eggplant relish, nacho cheese sauce, curried cashew butter, cranberry mustard, rosemary-orange marmalade, maple-glazed bacon bits, pickled daikon... the list goes on...

Final Thoughts

The foods that an individual enjoys may not correlate to their personality type... or do they? One thing we do know is that any lighthearted exploration of personality types and their behavior can be fun – and the possibilities are endless.

In that spirit, we’d love to know what you’d bring to a summertime BBQ, and why – do you think it relates to your personality type? Let us know in the comments below.

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