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As a rare type, understanding your personality traits offers big advantages in life – get ready for a whole new level of you.

In one of our studies, 90% of Debaters said that staying unique in society is very important to them. Your life is yours to create, and we’ve got some amazing ways to help you make it even more awesome. Mastering your personality helps you achieve your version of happiness and success.

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Some of the exciting things left to discover include:

  • Additional tests to explore your personality on detailed levels.

  • Expert advice on overcoming your type’s weaknesses.

  • Innovative practices to use your personality strengths to achieve your goals.

  • Deep insights about other types, how they relate to you, and how to turn things in your favor.

  • Powerful methods to evolve you socially, academically, professionally, and personally.

Our work is built on data from hundreds of surveys analyzing the life experience of thousands of Debaters. We’re experts at researching what best helps your personality type succeed through life’s opportunities and difficulties alike.

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Here’s what we’ll help you do:

Personal Growth

Accelerate your mental and emotional development to be more confident, motivated, and capable.

Romantic Relationships

Learn how to find the right match with other personality types, from fun dating to deep, lasting love.


Improve your social skills to build and maintain mutually rewarding, fun bonds with all personality types.


Get tailored advice on how your personality type can best support healthy and happy childhood development.

Academic Path

Explore the most effective ways for your personality type to learn, apply knowledge, and excel in school.

Career and Professional Growth

Discover your ideal career and learn how your personality traits can help you succeed professionally.

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This popular advanced option includes the Debater Premium Profile and a year’s use of our interactive Debater workshops and materials. You can access deeper levels of personality testing, more detailed knowledge, additional helpful practices and exercises, and our freshest research data – all at your convenience.

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I wish I had found this sooner to better understand my combination of personality traits. From learning about yourself to your friendship, romance, education and career preference, the profile is spot on. Thanks for the wonderful insight and advice guys!


This helped explain many traits that I just didn’t understand. I never understood why certain things about me were so different from others, and constantly felt misunderstood because of it. This changed that for me. I accept who I am confidently and securely.


It was so accurate it was scary. I often wonder why I am the way I am, and find myself analyzing my personality and my surroundings. I finally found something that describes how I am feeling, and I will never stop learning and growing. Thank you.

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