The life you were meant for.

Hint: it isn’t like anyone else’s.

Campaigners are known for their big dreams. And that makes sense, right? You’ve got art to make, people to uplift, and a great big world to explore. A comfortable but boring life – well, that just isn’t for you.

Learning about your personality type, you might feel the thrill of finally seeing yourself clearly. Maybe now you understand why the life that everyone else seems to be chasing – big salary, shiny car, social media likes – seems a bit empty to you. Sure, those things are nice, but they’re just things. Not to get grim, but as a Campaigner, your deathbed regret probably won’t be, “Darn, I really wish I’d bought a superyacht.”

So why are you here? What is it you plan to do, to quote the great Mary Oliver, with your one wild and precious life?

85% of Campaigners say that if they had more self-discipline, they would have achieved more of their goals by now.

Here’s the thing: self-discipline is overrated. There, we said it. Pursuing your goals doesn’t have to be all about ticking off boxes or rigidly adhering to plans – and thank goodness. To steer yourself toward the life you were meant for, you really only need three things:

  • clarity about what you want,

  • insight on how to get there, and

  • accountability to keep you on track.

That isn’t to say it’s effortless. Chances are you’re already dealing with school or work deadlines, family pressures, relationship issues, and an ever-pinging phone. That’s more than enough to keep you busy, if not stressed out and sleep-deprived. Add in a few stacks of clutter or a lost set of keys (no seriously, where are they?) and it’s easy to forget how much more to life there can be.

And that, dear Campaigner, is where we come in.

For many years, I thought there was something wrong with me, mainly because I was so vastly different to my family. It’s absolutely incredible to find out that I’m not alone and that someone actually gets me!

Bianca, Campaigner

Good news: you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

At 16Personalities, it’s our mission to break you out of the daily grind and help you realize your big dreams. This involves plenty of soul searching and finding your inner voice, as you might imagine. But life isn’t a hypothetical exercise, so we’ll also guide you as you head out into the world, dive into new things, and connect with real people.

We get it: you’re not in this just for yourself. That’s why so much of our research is centered on relationships and fulfillment. On this journey, you’ll learn about yourself and how to realize your potential – and you’ll find concrete, tailored strategies to deepen your relationships, broaden your community, and find purpose in your career or studies. After all, the more you know about yourself, the better you can show up for everyone else.

P.S.: If you enjoy having people around to keep you accountable, our online community is full of kindred spirits who get that success isn’t all about SAT scores or salaries – or superyachts, although if you have one, feel free to invite us.

What big dreams can we help you reach?

Personal Growth

Want to break old habits and create a life you love? Discover your personal superpowers – and practice using them in a variety of situations.

Romantic Relationships

Looking for love or yearning for a deeper bond with your partner? Learn how to show up in your love life – including how to connect with other personality types.


Need more fun and connection in your life? We’ll help you befriend new people, deepen your current friendships, and be the best friend you can be.


Craving a loving, expansive family life? Find out how to use your creativity and kindness to be the encouraging, steadfast parent your kids need.

Academic Path

Ever wish learning could actually be enjoyable? Stop approaching school the way everyone else does and create the learning experiences you need to feel fulfilled.

Career and Professional Growth

Long to make a difference? We’ll help you find your individual strengths and passions – and open your eyes to career possibilities you may never have considered.

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Let’s do this!

Campaigner Premium Profile
A 328-page mega-profile for Campaigners looking to solve the mystery of their own personality, from romance to career choices.
“Elementary, my dear Watson.”
Campaigner Premium Profile + Specialized Tests
Ready for action? Go beyond the premium profile – analyze your relationships, explore job fields, understand your dark side, and more with 25+ specialized tests, for an entire year.
“The force is strong with this one.”
ALL Premium Profiles + Specialized Tests
Want to know what makes everyone tick? Get access to our toolkits with 25+ specialized tests for an entire year, along with premium profiles for all 16 personality types.
“These go to eleven.”

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Specialized Tests
Gain access to 25+ specialized tests for an entire year. Improve your romantic relationships, analyze career choices, get a glimpse into your dark side, and more.
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I wish I had found this sooner to better understand my combination of personality traits. From learning about yourself to your friendship, romance, education and career preference, the profile is spot on. Thanks for the wonderful insight and advice guys!


This helped explain many traits that I just didn’t understand. I never understood why certain things about me were so different from others, and constantly felt misunderstood because of it. This changed that for me. I accept who I am confidently and securely.


It was so accurate it was scary. I often wonder why I am the way I am, and find myself analyzing my personality and my surroundings. I finally found something that describes how I am feeling, and I will never stop learning and growing. Thank you.


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