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Lindsay, Debater
This was a great resource to use not only for my personal life but for my new engagement and entering the professional world! I've read only half of it so far and am completely satisfied!
Friederike, Advocate
As funny as it sounds, but this really helped me understand my social life better. Tips concerning concrete weaknesses were much appreciated, especially dealing with small-talk and job-interviews. All around I'd say I'm ... (read more)
Neil, Consul
A creepily accurate assessment of my 'type'. Very insightful and provides a vast amount for thinking over!
Mark, Commander
This profile is the most complete I have ever experienced. It was like reading a book about myself. This will definitely come in handy as it relates to my career, as well as my peronal life. Thank you!!
Tiina W., Campaigner
Interesting and accurate. I find myself more clearly and consider the profile as very helpful in developing my self-knowledge.
Trusty, Architect
It was really strange reading this - everything seemed to speak directly to me. At first I was a little annoyed that someone or something could predict me so easily. As I kept reading I became really engaged in finding o... (read more)
Jay, Commander
Awesome reading! So helpful to realise how you come across to other people and how to improve. Great to realise your weak points, never realised someone would understand me that much!
Marita, Advocate
It was scary accurate! I recognised every bit of it. Purchasing the premium profile will hopefully help me in my personal growth!
candice, Architect
This was really helpful and informative; was shocked by how accurate it was. I especially found the career sections helpful.
doyouconcur, Advocate
Being in the less than one percentile of personalities (INFJ) it was great to have some insight and be able to understand further how I would operate in this world full of so many different personality types. I felt like... (read more)
Mom of 4, Mediator
I am finally at peace with myself. For the first time in my life I feel understood. I am not alone. I am now free to be me.
RLH, Advocate
Amazingly insightful. Quite scary how accurate some of the feedback was, and also highlighted some areas that I hadn't consciously thought about before.

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