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Sandy, Campaigner
This is a great tool. I will be able to use this for self improvement. I am 55 years old and the company I work for sold. They will be moving production out of state and I am not moving. I am going to use this profile... (read more)
Burim, Commander
This is amazing - spot on! I think to be able to know your self a bit better, helps one to help others more.
Ashleigh, Debater
This profile was everything promised and more! I have never felt myself so understood and have never felt such understanding about myself until I read through my profile. I initially bought it for myself, but upon findin... (read more)
Kristenelle, Defender
This was the most accurate personality test I've ever taken. I've been going through a sort of quarter life crisis regarding my career, and this has helped me narrow in on what I'm good at/enjoy. Also great to read the r... (read more)
Frank, Protagonist
Its great to understand your true self and apply these things in life! It has helped me tremendously in making life more understandable so I can move on smoothly!
joah, Logician
The profiles are extremely insightful. We had so many ah ha moments. Even the Logician had to agree to what the profile says. It's priceless!!
Chris, Logistician
Great insightful feedback. I know more about myself than any other assessments out there. Thank you.
Emily, Advocate
I found the free 16Personalities analysis so helpful that I bought the extended one for my personality type, and am very glad I did. As an INFJ, self-knowledge is foundational for my self-confidence, and this is informat... (read more)
CB, Architect
This profile was fun and interesting. It not only provided thought-provoking insights about my personality, it also offered realistic and practical advice that I can apply to every day life. Great product!
Tyce, Executive
My profile helped me understand who I am and why I act the way I do. I am better able to watch out for my weaknesses and not let my strengths become over bearing to those close to me. It has really helped me in my relati... (read more)
James, Campaigner
Really excellent breakdown and explanation and I haven't stopped discussing it with people as I find it facanating. Have used it for a gift for a couple of friends
D, Mediator
This was great! I was able to really understand things about my personality and it will definitely help in my relationships and career

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