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Dimitrije, Advocate
A friend recommended this site to me and I did the personality test not expecting too much. The results of the test were surprisingly accurate, and actually helped me recognize and acknowledge some of my behavior pattern... (read more)
Victoria, Protagonist
This profile was a pleasure to read. It's amazing how much I just learned about myself, and some of the best ways to navigate through my environment, as well as how to properly cultivate some of the relationships in my l... (read more)
Rebekah, Debater
When I saw my test results I was a little disappointed. I didn't want to be seen as a "Debater" or as this seemingly overbearing personality. But, I see that I am this type for sure after reading the in-depth points 16Pe... (read more)
Czachos, Campaigner
I've been struggling to find a partner, so that particular section was most helpful. In fact, I post an excerpt to Facebook and now my friends want to try 16Personalities! This is honestly one of the most comprehensive a... (read more)
Maxine, Mediator
This was one of the best profiles I have used to help understand myself in the role I play with others. I am a holistic/energy massage therapist. My focus is to help people feel better about their own body & feel the pow... (read more)
Jairo, Advocate
Once I finished the test and I could see my type of personality it was something scary and exciting, like when I see through the people, but in this case it was somebody else seeing through me! The descriptions were accu... (read more)
Tracy, Protagonist
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about my personality and also learning about the personalities of my friends and family members. If you want to understand yourself better, get along better with others, and learn how to... (read more)
Deepak, Debater
I was surprised as to just how accurate this profile is and it prompted me to buy the whole thing and I must say I haven't been disappointed - I'm more aware than ever of my strengths and weaknesses and this is going to ... (read more)
Lawrence A., Mediator
I found the profile so useful I bought one for my partner. She found it very useful too. Great for work, family and romantic life.
Ashley H., Protagonist
I was feeling directionless and uninspired through a recent fork in the road at work. Do I go back to school? Was I really where I was supposed to be? Should I pursue a different direction? Of course, the profile didn't... (read more)
Michel, Advocate
I didn't expect this to be so accurate, or rather, I didn't expect to find myself so much in the profile I got after taking the test. I bought the Advocate profile and will not hesitate to buy the profiles of my business... (read more)
Laura Maria, Campaigner
I can only say that I wish I had found this sooner to better understand my combination of personality traits. From learning about yourself to your friendship, romance, education and career preference, the profile is spot... (read more)

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