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Bianca, Campaigner
For many years, I thought there was something wrong with me, mainly because I was so vastly different to my family. It's absolutely incredible to find out that I'm not alone and that someone actually gets me! ENFP person... (read more)
Kyndell, Campaigner
The premium profile was awesome! Beyond informative, very eye-opening, and was able to teach me so much more about myself that I never knew. I would definitely recommend you all to anyone that is further wanting to study... (read more)
Sally D., Advocate
I use this site when working in my Life Coaching practice. It enables both myself and my clients to understand who they are and where they want to be. This is the best personality profiling site out there and the report ... (read more)
Rebecca, Campaigner
I am excited about learning more about myself and how to interact with others. Communication has always been very important to me--majored in Organizational Communication with a focus on intercultural communication in a ... (read more)
Zach, Architect
The premium profile was an incredible resource that helped me understand myself better and gave concrete answers to why I think and behave different ways. This has been a catalyst in my relationship and day to day life t... (read more)
Nate, Entrepreneur
This profile definitely gave me a practical and useful understanding of who I am, and some of who I'm not! It's an amazing template to help me understand what I'd say is 80% of my base personality, and now it's up to me ... (read more)
Deborah, Consul
Truly worth the money... It's giving a lot of validation in some areas, while concisely explaining many other inner conflicts. I hope others will try it, just for the perspective it brings, and new insights into handling... (read more)
Monika, Campaigner
This is amazing, I have been reading for the last hour and keep finding it to be so spot on. I look forward to implementing all the advise that's in my profile. I will be telling my friends and family about it too :)
Gregg W., Mediator
A lot of the pitfalls of the INFP are things that I have discovered and fixed in my own life, or are in the process of fixing. However, just having the reassurance that these are the right steps was worth it for me.
Lauren, Mediator
This profile was so insightful it was scary! Everyone should have their own premium profile to better understand themselves and to ensure they use their personality traits to their advantage. I can't imagine not having o... (read more)
Kendra, Campaigner
I've been considering a career change or at least a new job, and my full profile has been an amazing tool!!! It really has helped me understand more of the WHY behind how I am. Worth every cent!!!
Athena, Architect
The premium profile was really helpful! I understand a lot more about myself and it's definitely worth the price!

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