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Adi, Consul
This is going to be a really good tool to help me set some personal goals and kick start my self development journey.
Britt F., Consul
Amazing profile and spot on. As I embark into the next stage of my life and career, I needed this to continue redefining who I am after surviving my childhood, cancer, and a traumatic brain injury. So much of it is the o... (read more)
Mariusz, Commander
This is unbelievable how detailed information about myself I could learn from the test. I hope I will be able to implement all tips You suggested. Thank You for it!
Billy, Protagonist
It's astounding how accurate the 16Personalities profiles are! It was actually quite reassuring to hear from someone else what your strengths and weaknesses are. I found this to be very encouraging and it created clarity... (read more)
JosGali, Mediator
I love my premium profile. What I am getting from these pages is way more valuable than what I've paid for it. I am getting to understand myself so much more and to realize and identify better my own strengths and be mor... (read more)
E., Campaigner
Blown away by all of this! Finally, I come with a Manual! ;p. I have already gotten my friends and family to do the test and there has been a great response from everyone! I've bought the full profile and look forward to... (read more)
Melody, Advocate
The premium profile is an eye-opener for those who feel like they have lost themselves, their true selves not the selves that they think they are supposed to be. Until I discovered the test and bought my premium profile,... (read more)
L.A., Mediator
The extended profile is excellent; worth every penny. It helped me to understand the type better. It helped me to understand myself, good and bad, which has helped me to be happier.
Lily W., Protagonist
I'm about 35% done with reviewing my full profile and I'm finding it to be spot on and really useful. I'm going to have my husband complete the assessment and get his also.
The Ideas Guy, Commander
I found the profile to be very insightful, evolving my in-depth understanding and enabling me to re-write my career path.
Alexandra, Commander
The premium profile seemed to be right on! I was impressed. I believe that this information is very helpful in understanding why I behave in ways that I do and how I can improve and grow (which is apparently very importa... (read more)
Lynne, Advocate
Wow... This analysis is amazing. It was very insightful and eye-opening. My sister and I each took the test and then read our profiles... We were both shaking our heads at the accuracy of the reports and appreciated the ... (read more)

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