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TD Lemon, Commander
Indeed very useful. Made me understand myself and my actions at a deeper level and pushed me to positive changes.
Greg, Logistician
Wow, unbelievable, I couldn't have described myself better or more accurately. This helps answer many questions and doubts I had about myself and gives me a much clearer understanding of myself.
Marco, Architect
I'm not one to trust personality tests, but 16Personalities is the one that is eerily specific and on the nose. I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues, including those that, like me, are very skeptical by nat... (read more)
Lia, Consul
I really love the personality explanation! Highly accurate and self-explanatory!!
Annie, Campaigner
I am inspired by having taken part in this incredible journey and opened doors into my own personality which I recognised but never fully understood! I have sensed things about myself that made me feel "different" or eve... (read more)
Tabitha, Protagonist
Incredibly and eerily accurate... It felt good to have such a deep understanding of myself in writing, because even though I know who I am, it's been hard to explain some of my idealistic nature to people in a clear way ... (read more)
Gerald, Architect
This is, by far, the most accurate description of my personality I've ever read. For most of my life, I was certain that I was on the autism spectrum, most likely Asperger's Syndrome. Now I know that it's far more likely... (read more)
Maddie, Campaigner
I love how extensive the profile is! It will really help my husband and I understand each other better.
Nathan, Advocate
This was a super helpful assessment to discovery why I do what I do. It helped me to make sense of my emotions and desires in given circumstances. The most insightful information was revealing an optimal career path. I w... (read more)
Katy W., Campaigner
Wow! It is amazing how much my ENFP-A profile fits me. I stayed up late last night poring over my premium profile. I think I was too excited to get a lot of details, but I plan to re-read it to pull out more of the insig... (read more)
Jennifer B., Debater
I was amazed that this test had me pegged! It also knows what I have to work on, and that I want to learn! I appreciate the accuracy, because I would have debated all the reasons not to get the profile if I hadn't been b... (read more)
Abigail, Campaigner
It's so satisfying to read. More than that, this gives you a manual for your own life. Mainly because this also tells you your weaknesses. And that makes you stronger so you can shine more! Especially for people with my ... (read more)

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