This is what people have said about our premium resources.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
For someone who is interested in understanding people this is amazing. Combining scientific insights about personality types with practical insights from groups of people hits the sweet spot. Whether you want to understa... (read more)
Florine P.
Defender (ISFJ, -A/-T)
I've done many of profiling protocols over the years and have to say that this system is very clear in its presentation of the different aspects of people’s personalities. Clear in its presentation, and useful in its a... (read more)
Commander (ENTJ, -A/-T)
I did get some very valuable insights for very specific situations regarding work, family, friends, partner or myself. :) It did really calm me down when I realized, that some pressure inside of me or situations are part... (read more)
Entrepreneur (ESTP, -A/-T)
Just read the profile. It is indeed stunning. I thought I was unique, but you were able to get a good grasp of my personality, very quickly. Wow.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
It was highly enlightening reading about my type as an ENFP. The profile helped me see my strengths, weaknesses and goals in a more realistic fashion and I especially appreciated the gentle nudge of pointing out I could ... (read more)
Blaise M.
Protagonist (ENFJ, -A/-T)
I found this profile to be so resourceful. Taking the test and reading up on your personality traits could be monumental, especially at a time in your life when you are facing a big decision.
Architect (INTJ, -A/-T)
I thought I was the only one who thought this way! It is such a relief to know other have gone through what I now experience. Further, it is helpful to get advice so well tailored.
Consul (ESFJ, -A/-T)
I'm having an absolutely amazing time reading through my premium profile as an ESFJ. It has really helped me realise aspects of my personality that have always been confusing to me and areas of my life. An incredibly enl... (read more)
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
My husband and I both took the test and have found the info in the premium profile to be so uplifting. It simultaneously affirms where I am coming from, while helping me understand how I've ended up in situations that ha... (read more)
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
I must say, these reports (at least for me) were spot on. I've been on a difficult journey of self-discovery and processing my doubts and fears. This profile helped give me some insights into my personality - things I kn... (read more)
Commander (ENTJ, -A/-T)
It was so accurate it was scary. I often wonder why I am the way I am, and find myself analyzing my personality and my surroundings. I finally found something that describes how I am feeling, and like what it said about ... (read more)
Architect (INTJ, -A/-T)
Absolutely amazing! As if my profile was made specifically for me. Purchased full profile and couldn't be happier with how it helps to explain certain things about myself I really didn't understand. Definitely recommend ... (read more)

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